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There is only ONE!

Welcome to the blog page of מאבריק בן זבולונ Mavrik ben Zevulun! Be prepared to be shocked and confronted with Truth which to many appears to be accusation of wrongdoing but is in effect speaking to your conscience! This is because Yeshua is the Truth(John 14:6) and it is He who is speaking to your hearts and minds. It is His Holy Spirit Who brings us correction and reproof by His Word(2Timothy 3:16) as Yeshua is also the Word(John 1:1). If then you are not open to His reproof and correction(Proverbs 15:10) then do not proceed onto this blog page as it will only contain that which you don't want to know, the Truth! 

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Literal translation of Ezekiel 17

Original Hebrew Text: יחזקאל 17:1  ויהי דבר־יהוה אלי לאמר׃  יחזקאל 17:2  בן־אדם חוד חידה ומשׁל משׁל אל־בית ישׂראל׃  יחזקאל 17:3  ואמרת...

A promise made to the obedient of YHVH.

Yechizke'el 14(Ezekiel 14) 12 and there was the Word of YHVH to speak to 13 son of man, earth that sins against Me by acting very...

1 Kings 18 literally translated

Original Hebrew text: 1 Malchim 18 1  ויהי ימים רבים ודבר־יהוה היה אל־אליהו בשׁנה השׁלישׁית לאמר לך הראה אל־אחאב ואתנה מטר על־פני האדמה׃...

1 Kings 17 literally translated

Original Hebrew text: 1 ספר מלכים 17:1  ויאמר אליהו התשׁבי מתשׁבי גלעד אל־אחאב חי־יהוה אלהי ישׂראל אשׁר עמדתי לפניו אם־יהיה השׁנים האלה...

Did you count the cost??!!

If not, WHY NOT?? If you did, DOES YOUR MATH SUCK!? Did you forsake self and all your possessions??! Did you truly count the cost and...

Do not heap unto yourselves teachers!

Textus Receptus Greek: 2Ti 4:3  εσται γαρ καιρος οτε της υγιαινουσης διδασκαλιας ουκ ανεξονται αλλα κατα τας επιθυμιας τας ιδιας εαυτοις...

The hypocrite's excuse.

Why is it that people will use Luke 6:42 as an excuse to reject the reproof and correction that God brings to them via a brother or...

Marriage the Godly and Biblical way!

Textus Receptus Greek: Mat 19:9 λεγω δε υμιν οτι ος αν απολυση την γυναικα αυτου ει μη επι πορνεια και γαμηση αλλην μοιχαται και ο...

The True Israel, who are they?!

φυλή, φυλας(plural) = tribe, nation, people, clan This word is derived from another Greek word which is φύλλον = 1) a leaf the plural...

To all you Mammon worshipping christians!

It has been a while since I have posted anything but the time has come, my patience has worn thin, very thin! This world is filled with...

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