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More twists and corruptions in the Bible translations exposed!

Textus Receptus Greek: 1Co 2:1  καγω ελθων προς υμας αδελφοι ηλθον ου καθ υπεροχην λογου η σοφιας καταγγελλων υμιν το μαρτυριον του θεου  1Co 2:2  ου γαρ εκρινα του ειδεναι τι εν υμιν ει μη ιησουν χριστον και τουτον εσταυρωμενον  1Co 2:3  και εγω εν ασθενεια και εν φοβω και εν τρομω πολλω εγενομην προς υμας 1Co 2:4  και ο λογος μου και το κηρυγμα μου ουκ εν πειθοις ανθρωπινης σοφιας λογοις αλλ εν αποδειξει πνευματος και δυναμεως   1Co 2:5  ινα η πιστις υμων μη η εν σοφια ανθρωπων αλλ εν δυναμει θεου 1Co 2:6  σοφιαν δε λαλουμεν εν τοις τελειοις σοφιαν δε ου του αιωνος τουτου ουδε των αρχοντων του αιωνος τουτου των καταργουμενων  1Co 2:7  αλλα λαλουμεν σοφιαν θεου εν μυστηριω την αποκεκρυμμενην ην προωρισεν ο θεος προ των αιωνων εις δοξαν ημων 1Co 2:8  ην ουδεις των αρχοντων του αιωνος τουτου εγνωκεν ει γαρ εγνωσαν ουκ αν τον κυριον της δοξης εσταυρωσαν  1Co 2:9  αλλα καθως γεγραπται α οφθαλμος ουκ ειδεν και ους ουκ ηκουσεν και επι καρδιαν ανθρωπου ουκ ανεβη α ητοιμασεν ο θεος τοις αγαπωσιν αυτον  1Co 2:10  ημιν δε ο θεος απεκαλυψεν δια του πνευματος αυτου το γαρ πνευμα παντα ερευνα και τα βαθη του θεου  1Co 2:11  τις γαρ οιδεν ανθρωπων τα του ανθρωπου ει μη το πνευμα του ανθρωπου το εν αυτω ουτως και τα του θεου ουδεις οιδεν ει μη το πνευμα του θεου  1Co 2:12  ημεις δε ου το πνευμα του κοσμου ελαβομεν αλλα το πνευμα το εκ του θεου ινα ειδωμεν τα υπο του θεου χαρισθεντα ημιν  1Co 2:13  α και λαλουμεν ουκ εν διδακτοις ανθρωπινης σοφιας λογοις αλλ εν διδακτοις πνευματος αγιου πνευματικοις πνευματικα συγκρινοντες  1Co 2:14  ψυχικος δε ανθρωπος ου δεχεται τα του πνευματος του θεου μωρια γαρ αυτω εστιν και ου δυναται γνωναι οτι πνευματικως ανακρινεται  1Co 2:15  ο δε πνευματικος ανακρινει μεν παντα αυτος δε υπ ουδενος ανακρινεται  1Co 2:16  τις γαρ εγνω νουν κυριου ος συμβιβασει αυτον ημεις δε νουν χριστου εχομεν  Literal translation of the Greek: 1 Corinthians 2 1 I come to you brothers, I come by the authority of word and knowledge declaring to you the witness(testimony) of God 2 for where I cried, you saw Him, if that what is in you is not Yeshua the Messiah, this crucify 3 and I became in sickness and in fear and in many traumas for you 4 and my speech(words) and my preaching are not in the persuasiveness of human wise words but in proof of Spirit and power 5 so that your faith is not in the knowledge of man but in the power of God 6 but speaking knowledge which is perfect knowledge then neither those of this age nor these first(leaders) of this age are powerless 7 but speaking the knowledge of God in mystery(in secret, that which is hidden) the hidden(the secret, the concealed) before ordained (declared, appointed, decreed, limited) by God for this age unto our glory 8 none of the first of this age understand because if they had known they would not have had the Lord of Glory crucified 9 but just as is written, which eye has not beheld and which ear has not heard and which heart of man was not prepared for the love of God(reference to Yeshayahu 64:3 in the Hebrew text) 10 but to us God discloses the hidden(the covered up) by His Holy Spirit, for the Spirit searches all, even the depths of God. 11 because He Who sees man, that if this man has not the Spirit but is in Him however and that God seeing sees he has not the Spirit 12 but we have not the spirit of the world but we have taken the Spirit that is from God so we see that under God we are favoured(or are forgiven, find grace) 13 and which we speak not in the teaching of man's words of knowledge but in the teaching of the Holy Spirit's supernatural spiritual interpretations 14 but the mind of man cannot accept the Spirit of God as a child does and is not able to know that he is spiritually being examined 15 but the Spirit truly examines(judges, questions) all but is judged by none 16 but Who knows the mind(understanding, knowledge) of the Lord? Who will instruct Him? But we have the anointed mind(the mind of Messiah(Christ), the understanding or knowledge of Messiah)

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