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A promise made to the obedient of YHVH.

Yechizke'el 14(Ezekiel 14)

12 and there was the Word of YHVH to speak to

13 son of man, earth that sins against Me by acting very unfaithfully, I will be stretching My hand upon them and I will break the branch of bread(supply of food implied) and I will send in famine and I will cut off from among them man and animal

14 and there were three men, these in the midst of it, No'ch, Daniel and Ayov, these in their righteousness were delivered(rescued, snatched away) with their souls says My Lord YHVH

15 the heart of the living is evil passing over in the earth and robbing the children to be devastated by destruction, the unborn from the face of the living

16 these three men in the midst are living I AM says my Lord YHVH with sons and with daughters are delivered(rescued, snatched away) these are separated for deliverance(rescue, snatching away) and the earth will be destroyed

17 or a sword I will bring upon the earth and I said a sword I will pass in the earth and I will cut of man and animal

18 and these three men in the midst are living I AM says my Lord YHVH, do not deliver(rescue, snatch away) sons and daughters because they will be delivered(rescued, snatched away) separately

19 also I will send a Word upon the earth and I poured My blood upon her to covenant with man and animal

20 and No'ch, Daniel and Ayov in the midst are living I AM says my Lord YHVH with son with daughter delivered(rescued, snatched away) in their righteousness delivered(rescued, snatched away) with their souls

21 for so says my Lord YHVH, although as locusts will judge the evil, sword and famine and I will send the living evil one(or the beast) and a Word to Yerushalem to covenant from her with man and animal

22 and see, the remnant there escaped, the original sons and daughters, see they are coming out to them and see their ways and their exploits and the repentance of their evil which went over Yerushalem and all who went up

23 and they repented, those who saw their ways and exploits and they knew because it was not in vain all that was done there says my Lord YHVH

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