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The REAL Israel as according to God Almighty, revealed in a correct translation of Ezekiel 37

Literal translation of the Hebrew text:

Yechizkel 37

1 The hand of YHVH was upon me and I went forth in the Spirit of

YHVH and I rested in the midst of the valley(breakthrough, divide)

and it was full of bones

2 and I passed round about them and here are a great many upon the

(sur)face of the valley and here very dry

3 and He said unto me, "son of man, these bones will be revived

(resurrected)" and my Lord YHVH said, "did you know?"

4 and He said to me, prophesy over these bones and say to them,

"these dry bones, hear the Word of YHVH"

5 thus says my Lord YHVH, "these bones here I AM brings you their

spirit and their life"

6 and I will give to you clothes and I will put flesh on you and clothe

you with skin and I give unto you a spirit and they lived and they

knew that I AM YHVH

7 and I prophesied as I was commanded and there was a voice like a

prophet's and there was an uproar and brought near bones, bone to


8 and I saw and there upon them clothes and flesh came upon them

and skin covered them from above and there is no spirit in them

9 and He said to me, prophesy by the Spirit, prophesy son of man

and speak unto the Spirit,"thus says my Lord YHVH, from four

winds(or spirits) come the Spirit and breathe on these dead and these

will live

10 and I prophesied when I was commanded and the Spirit shall

come upon them and they will live and stand on their feet a very, very

great army

11 and He said to me, "son of man the bones there, all are from the

house of Israel, what are they saying?" "our bones are dried up and

our hope lost, cut off from us"

12 to them prophesy and say to them, "thus says my Lord YHVH

here I AM, I will enter your graves and I will bring you up out of

them with Me and I brought them to the earth of Israel

13 and they will know that I AM YHVH, I entered your graves and

brought you up from your graves with Me

14 and I have put My Spirit in them and they shall live and I have set

you upon your earth and they shall know that I AM YHVH, I have

spoken and I will do it says YHVH

15 and the Word of YHVH came unto me saying,

16 "and you , son of man, take to you one tree and write on it, to

Yehudah and to the children of Israel their friend and take one tree

and write on it to Yosef the tree of Ephrayim and all the house of

Israel their friend"

17 and bring them one to(by) one to you to one tree and hold the

ones in your hand

18 and like when they say to you, "my son, your people say to you,

after all tell us, what are these for you?"

19 a word to them, "thus says my Lord YHVH, behold, I AM to take

the tree of Yosef which is in the hand of Ephrayim and the tribes of

Israel their friend and I gave them unto the tree of Yehudah and made

them into one tree and they were one in my hand

20 and there were the trees which you wrote about in your hand

before their eyes( their eyes)

21 and speak to them, "thus says my Lord YHVH, here I AM took

the children of Israel from among the tribes(nations, gentiles)who

went there and I gathered them round about and I brought them to

their own earth(ground, dirt)

22 and I made of them one tribe(nation, gentile=latin for family) in

the earth in the mountains of Israel and one king for all, for the king

will no more have those two tribes(nations) and will no longer be

divided into two kingdoms any more

23 and it will no longer be defiled by their totems(carved poles, idols)

and their filthy abominations and all rebellion(sin) and I will set them

free(save them) from all their settlements(dwelling places) which they

have sinned against and I shall cleanse them and they will become a

people and I AM will be to them their God

24 and My servant David shall be their king and one shepherd shall

be for all and in My judgements shall they walk and my statutes shall

they keep and do them

25 and they shall dwell upon the earth which I gave unto my servant

Jacov(Genesis 28:13-14) and where your fathers dwelt and they shall

dwell and their children and their children's children until eternity and

David My servant will be their prince forever

26 and I will cut a covenant with them, a covenant of peace an eternal

covenant, there will be them and I will give and multiply them and I

will put My sanctuary within them forever

27 and I shall dwell in them and will be to them their God and what

will I have for the people?

28 and the tribes(nations) shall know I AM YHVH sanctify Israel,

being My sanctuary within them forever

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