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Do you love Yeshua? Or do you think you love Him?

John 14:15  εαν αγαπατε με τας εντολας τας εμας τηρησατε 

literally translated says If you love Me, the commandments that are

Mine, keep(guard).

In other words DO them, OBEY them! Now what are they? Many

still do not even know them yet they purport to be followers of

Yeshua. How is this possible?? It is NOT possible because only

TRUE followers of Yeshua know His commandments and do and

obey them.

Commandment number one: לא יהיה־לך אלהים אחרים על־פני׃

which means simply, You shall have no other gods before Me!

Let's see how many of you so called believers break this every day!

Do you put God first in your life every day or do you spend most of

it watching tv or behind a computer playing games on your own

pursuits of whatever kind that take up the majority of your attention

and day? Because it is whatever you give yourself over to for the

better part of you and your day, that is your true god. Are you

breaking His first commandment daily?

Commandment number two: לא תעשׂה־לך פסל וכל־תמונה אשׁר בשׁמים

ממעל ואשׁר בארץ מתחת ואשׁר במים מתחת לארץ׃

which means, You shall not make for yourselves any graven(carved or

drawn) images or ANY likeness of anything that is in heaven above or

that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth. And

the next is a part of that commandment: לא־תשׁתחוה להם ולא תעבדם כי

אנכי יהוה אלהיך אל קנא פקד עון אבת על־בנים על־שׁלשׁים ועל־רבעים לשׂנאי׃ 

which means, You shall not bow yourself down to them nor serve

them for YHVH your God is a jealous God charging a father's evil

unto their sons to the th‏ird generation and unto the fourth who hate

Him. And the next part of that commandment which the pharisees

separated from the one above is this, ועשׂה חסד לאלפים לאהבי ולשׁמרי


which means, and I give grace to the thousands that love Me and

keep My commandments. Do you notice religious people are always

trying to hide the GOOD of scripture and only ever share what

appears to be "evil" of scripture! Just so they accuse "an evil" God,

One who condemns them at every turn for their sins! Did you also

notice it is those same false religious people who are now organising a

world religion where all "get on" with each other and all sin is

tolerated by all. I am not going to isolate any particular group of

religions as they are ALL evil. God never created religions, people

did! Almost 100 percent of these religious people did so to do what

the word religion means(religion is derived from the Latin word

religare which means to bind or to tie) and they wish to bind others to

man made rules to keep them separated from others and to foment

hatred between people groups! Look at how successful it has been for

them over the years. Every religious war there has ever been was

because of the efforts of these evil religious people who were never

ever interested in following the true God of the Bible as He will

punish that very evil just as He has promised in His Word and

commandments! Are you feeling like you have been keeping His

commandments yet? Well here's the next one: לא תשׂא את־שׁם־יהוה

אלהיך לשׁוא כי לא ינקה יהוה את אשׁר־ישׂא את־שׁמו לשׁוא׃

You shall not bear the name of YHVH your God in vain, for YHVH

will not hold him guiltless that takes His Name in vain. Now this is

one that is broken by almost every one who claims to be a christian of

some sort. You see that is what it means, if you bear His Name and

His name is Yeshua and Christ and whatever derivative of His Name

you claim to bear it as your own and you do not live in obedience to

His commandments you bear His Name in vain! So to all you who

call yourselves christians or Jesus people or whatever it is you have

made of His Name to indicate you to be a "part" of Him or His

teachings I recommend you either start living in complete obedience

to His commandments or stop bearing His Name in vain! You will not

enjoy judgement day if you do not change that fact as the

commandment clearly tells you, He will not hold you guiltless! Do

you yet feel like you are a true follower of Yeshua? Now then His

next commandment: זכור את־יום השׁבת לקדשׁו׃

which means: Remember the day of the Shabbat, to keep it holy. And

it continues: שׁשׁת ימים תעבד ועשׂית כל־מלאכתך׃

which means: six days you shall SERVE and do all your work. Now

do you? Or do you like to be served and let others do your work? Do

you manage others? Real workers lead by example, a leader with God

leads by example, in other words the leader does first what then the

followers do! And that for no more than six days in a row as God has

commanded. Why? Because God led us by example, He created the

earth in 6 days and He rested on the seventh! Did He need to? No,

He is God Almighty, He needs no rest as He is rest! Our rest! He led

us by example as a true leader should. He has given us many such

examples in His Word, Himself when He came as a man led us by

example in all things. The man after His own heart, king David, a

man who always led by example in his good deeds. The latter part of

that scripture tells us that story as to why we are to keep the Shabbat

holy: ויום השׁביעי שׁבת ליהוה אלהיך לא־תעשׂה כל־מלאכה אתה ובנך־ובתך

עבדך ואמתך ובהמתך וגרך אשׁר בשׁעריך׃

which means: and on the seventh, Shabbat to YHVH your God, do

not do any of all your work, not you, nor your son nor your daughter

nor man servant(employee) or maid servant(employee) nor your

animals nor your guest(stranger) that is within your gates(your

property implied). The scripture continues: כי שׁשׁת־ימים עשׂה יהוה

את־השׁמים ואת־הארץ את־הים ואת־כל־אשׁר־בם וינח ביום השׁביעי על־כן ברך

יהוה את־יום השׁבת ויקדשׁהו׃ 

which means: because in six days YHVH made the heavens and the

earth and sea and all that is in them and rested on the seventh day,

therefore He blessed the day of the Shabbat and made it holy. In

other words any who do not keep His sanctified day are desecrating it

instead as it's not being kept holy as He instructed! Are you keeping

any of His commandments yet? Here is the next many of you will

undoubtedly break! כבד את־אביך ואת־אמך למען יארכון ימיך על האדמה

אשׁר־יהוה אלהיך נתן לך׃ 

which means: honour(treat with respect) your father and your mother

so that you will prolong your days upon the dirt(ground) which

YHVH your God has given you. Alas another which many will fail on

as is obvious from today's society, the lack of respect for elders is to

be seen everywhere in this world today. Are you panicking yet

knowing you keep almost none of God's commandments as yet?!

Here's the next one: You shall NOT kill. Quite an easy one you think

but what else did Yeshua say regarding this matter, read Matthew 5

verses 21 to 24 also repeated in Leviticus 19:17 , He said you shall

not hate your brother in your heart and from the scriptures in

Matthew 5:21-24 it is obvious how Yeshua thinks of hating a brother

in your heart means you have already killed him! The commandment

is far more broad than that however as it says, you shall not kill, no

conditions are given, no specification as to killing what, just you shall

NOT kill! Do you still think you have not broken that commandment?

Now for the next one: לא תנאף׃ 

which means simply this: do not commit adultery. It's kind of hard to

twist that one to mean something else, isn't it, which is why people

have tried to come out with many excuses for this sin for many

generations . Adultery is simple, to betray your spouse no matter if

the husband does it to the wife or the wife does it to the husband and

as Yeshua says it is not limited to the actual physical act, it begins in

the heart as all sins do! Read Matthew 5:27-28 and you will see and I

mean read it NOW so you know for sure! Prove all things and keep

that which is good! Don't just assume what I say is gospel, seek out

the Truth and you will find Him as Yeshua is the Truth! Now that you

know what that commandment truly means the next one truly is easy

to understand: לא תגנב׃ 

which means: do not steal. Very simply, do not take anything that

does NOT belong to you, nothing is specified as everything that is not

yours is off limits to take! Any one break this one? Or should I say

has anyone NOT broken this one!? Are you feeling like a true

commandment keeper still? The next one will throw you for sure!

And this is it: לא־תענה ברעך עד שׁקר׃

which simply means: you shall not lie but literally it means: do not

answer by kneeling to a lie. In other words do not serve the liar which

is satan, he is the father of lies and in not telling the truth you act as

he does and his native tongue is to lie. Do not bow to him nor his lies

and do not make for yourselves your own lies like he does! If you

serve the lie you do NOT serve the Truth which is Yeshua, He is the

Truth! Bow to Him only and you will bow to the Truth! It is hard at

first being fallen sinful human beings but once you start telling the

truth at all times it becomes your nature to do so! DO SO. There's no

such thing as a "white"lie, that is just another lie! To say you don't lie

is a lie unless you are perfect in the flesh which only ever one person

was which is Yeshua, He never sinned and was the only One to

conquer sin and as a result the only One to conquer Death as death

had no hold on Him. Death is a spirit who can only hold those who

have sinned, in his grip! We have been given only One Way of

defeating death and that is through Yeshua and His blood which He

sacrificed for us so that we may be covered by His blood so that

death has no hold on us either, by faith we have Yeshua and The

blood! Speaking of cover, do you know the next commandment?

Here it is: לא תחמד בית רעך לא־תחמד אשׁת רעך ועבדו ואמתו ושׁורו וחמרו וכל

אשׁר לרעך׃ 

which means: Do not covet the house of your neighbour, do not

covet your neighbour's wife nor his man servant(employee) or maid

servant(employee) nor his ox nor his donkey nor anything that is your

neighbour's. Now this is probably the most broken commandment of

all time because the coveting of many generations has inspired wars

to enable the stealing of land and property, goods, animals, wives,

you name it, all has been taken because of the coveting of such in

people's hearts! Yes even the great king David, the man after God's

own heart fell to this sin when he coveted the wife of Uriah and

organised for him to fall on the battlefield! Do you still think you have

kept all these ten commandments as the young rich man did who

spoke to Yeshua and asked Him what else he must do to enter

heaven? The answer remains the same people! Go sell all you have a

come follow Yeshua, in Truth, in His Way and in His Light! Many are

still bound in servitude to mammon, may who would call themselves

christians still trust money over Yeshua indicating clearly as to who

their god truly is! And it is NOT Yeshua! Stop the excuses and

evasions of the scripture, seek Yeshua with your WHOLE hearts and

follow Him! Truly follow Him, not that pretence you now have for

dop you not yet know that God reads your hearts! If you continue in

your old ways you show that you do NOT believe HIM because you

would fear He Who reads your heart and knows what is in it! Time is

short and if you truly love Yeshua than KEEP His commandments or

at least stop pretending for He will spew ALL you lukewarm people

out of His mouth very soon!

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