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Marriage the Godly and Biblical way!

Textus Receptus Greek: Mat 19:9 λεγω δε υμιν οτι ος αν απολυση την γυναικα αυτου ει μη επι πορνεια και γαμηση αλλην μοιχαται και ο απολελυμενην γαμησας μοιχαται

Literal translation of the Greek: Mat 19:9 But I say to you that whosoever divorces his wife if not over(or upon, for reasons of) fornication and has sexual intercourse with another commits adultery and the divorcee having sexual intercourse with another man commits adultery.

The word gameo(γαμέω) literally means the act of sexual intercourse which in God's Word is what is the seal of the blood covenant of marriage! To commit adultery is to have sex with another from whom you first had sex with. Your very first sex partner is the one God recognises as being your wife/ husband. This is as basic as it is, no matter how much people have twisted the meaning of marriage over the ages. Only God's definition of the marriage counts, mankind's opinions mean zero and carry no weight in God's Presence! Once become a true believer and follower of Yeshua having repented, being baptised of water and of Spirit all previous fornication has been forgiven. Yeshua says from this point, go and sin no more! So if you are married to the one you last committed adultery with but they are now also a true believer then don't seek a divorce, your marriage has now been sanctified in Yeshua. If your spouse is an unbeliever and wishes to leave you the Bible records that you should not prevent them but you cannot remarry unless that person leaving does then commit adultery by being joined to another. The Lord's Word is clear, the rule is clear! No divorce! Unless by reason of fornication, the other commits adultery. The act of sexual intercourse with another is exactly that, you have broken your previous covenant! So no other reasons count! If you are in an abusive marriage you get out of the house, live where it is safe but you cannot remarry unless the abusive one commits adultery! No exceptions to God's rules no matter how good the reasons might seem! As a believer you should not be joined to such a person to begin with really so choose wisely by allowing God to choose for you, ask Him whom He has for you to marry if that is even His will for you! He may even choose you to be single! God wants your obedience not your sacrifices, He has the best plans for our lives, a plan in which we all bear fruit as believers and in which we dwell in His Kingdom. So if you consider yourself to be a true believer than live as such and follow ONLY Yeshua, not man, not man's word but only God's as Yeshua is God's Word! He is clear on the matter, in Malachi He says it clearest, in Malachi 2:16 He says He hates the sending away(the divorce). Read what precedes it to get an even clearer picture! Those who seek divorce for any other reason do so because they themselves wish to commit adultery and wish to have an excuse for it which they will not find in the Bible! Only false teachers will give them what they wish to hear and that will include themselves.

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