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The Ekklesia are NOT the church!

Many of the traditional teachings you find in seminaries, Bible colleges and the likes are based on man's interpretations of God's Word and as such will almost always be wrong. We need only learn from the Holy Spirit(1 John 2:27).

Doctorate titles for theology generally tend to bring about two things, pride and biblical error. The very word theology is an affront and a blatant insult to the Lord God Almighty! Man's arrogance is beyond measure thinking they can "study" God as a mere subject, it is abhorrent! It should be made clear to all new believers that we come before God into His Presence on HIS terms and not man's. He is God Almighty and we are to fear Him and not to treat Him as a subject of study in man's arrogance called theology. We cannot know Yeshua by studying Him! We can only know Him by His revelation of Himself unto us by His Holy Spirit! Only through Him can we be taught ALL things and only by Him can we know ALL truth meaning Yeshua as Yeshua is the Truth! This arrogance in wrong doctrine has to stop among the believers and we must all humble ourselves if we are to be in a close personal relationship with Yeshua.

All common false teachings come from seminaries, bible colleges, denominational churches, pastors etc as all these people have for centuries perpetuated wrong doctrine, not based on what has been revealed truth by the Holy Spirit and God's Word but wrong doctrine came by man's "interpretation" of God's Word and just as prophecy does not come by man so also God's Word does not come by man! (2 Peter 1:20-21)

The Ekklesia(from the Greek word for called out ones) are the called out of Israel(God's Israel) it is not "the church" as that is satan's counterfeit and as such all churches are under his control(for a short while longer he is still the prince of this world). Yeshua is returning for His Ekklesia soon. They were called out of Israel into the order of Melchitzedek kings and priests in God's new covenant. All those who do not live in obedience to God's commandments and are not led by His Holy Spirit do not belong to the Ekklesia, as a king and priest in the order of Melchitzedek(= Yeshua, He is the King of Righteousness which is what Melchitzedek means) we who are anointed are the christians according to the original meaning of the word χριστιανους (see Acts 11:26 in the original Greek) which means anointed ones(not to be confused with the Anointed One which is Χριστός).

As such the many who were called are not all the Ekklesia but instead the few which were chosen(the anointed ones) are the Ekklesia built on the Rock which is Yeshua.

Only those led and taught by His Holy Spirit have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. The Greek literally records in Revelation in the verses to each of the 7 Ekklesias this line, ο εχων ους ακουσατω τι το πνευμα λεγει ταις εκκλησιαις which is literally translated, The one who has ears to hear what the Spirit says, are the Ekklesias. This line concludes Yeshua's comments to each of the Ekklesias in Revelation 2 and 3.

Here is the difference people, those who follow the worldly ways follow satan's counterfeits and these are into idolatry(the serving of a false god) and heresy(comes from the Greek word αἵρεσις which means to prefer your own opinion instead of God's Truth as taught by His Holy Spirit and Word)

Those who follow Yeshua only follow His Truth(the ONLY TRUTH) as taught by His Word and revealed to them by the Holy Spirit.

We cannot of our own account "study" God's Word as God's Word is foolishness to those people who try to understand it by their own minds! No, the Truth of God's Word can only be revealed to us by God Himself, through the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and only to those obedient to Him and who seek Him with their whole hearts! If you are taught by Him you will know this to be true and those who do not, have just now formed the opposite opinion in their own minds. Right and wrong cannot walk together! You either follow He Who is Right or you belong to wrong, no grey areas exist.

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