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Did you count the cost??!!

Updated: Jul 7

If not, WHY NOT?? If you did, DOES YOUR MATH SUCK!? Did you forsake self and all your possessions??! Did you truly count the cost and stop lying to yourself and God because He reads and KNOWS what is in your hearts! In my estimation very few have truly counted the cost! How do I know this you wonder?! If you are at all versed in logic you will take note that any who have will be they who live closest to God and have ears to hear Him and the will to obey Him. Not only that but they would rely upon His Holy Spirit to guide them from day to day in all things. Do you really have God's will for you at the fore front of your life at ALL times? Do you want possessions and then buy them or do you ask Him and see if it's OK to? Many people lie to themselves and say the usual prosperity gospel message to themselves something like, sure God wants to bless you as much as possible, He would want you to have that nice red shiny sports car or that wonderful mansion by the beach or that boat to fish with and observe His wonderful creation with! Stop right there liar, God's knows what is in your heart and you obviously have NOT believed Him when He said, (Jeremiah 17:9 Due to(or the footprint of) the heart of every man, He who knows,10 I YHVH search the heart and test the ways and give to every man according to the fruit of his works.)Now think again what would He see in your heart?! And please, be honest, God knows you're a liar! Have you TRULY counted the cost??!! Here's the literal translation of the verses you need to know in this case if the honest answer is NO. (Literal translation of the Greek: Luke 14:26 If any come before Me and do not hate(used to indicate to love less) their father or mother or wife or children or brothers or sisters but(or yet, still) also their own soul is not able to be My disciple 27 and if any cannot take up(or lift, bear) their own stake(cross by inference)and come follow Me is not able to be My disciple 28 who then from you desires to build a tower and does not first sit down to count the cost if he can hold on til completion(or has the ability to complete) 29 so that if he placed its foundation and was not able to complete all, the spectators would mock him 30 because this man was not able to complete what he began to build 31 or what king considers departing for a war without first sitting down and deliberating whether he is able with ten thousand to encounter him with twenty thousand 32 but if he is still a way off a senior representative can be sent to request terms of peace33 now in this way all of you who do not forsake self and their possessions cannot be My disciples.) Does it wrench your heart reading this and you see yourself as you truly are? Or do you continue to lie to yourself and join those who are REALLY NOT Yeshua's disciples! If you continue to lie to yourself do us and the rest of the world a favour please and stop calling yourselves anointed when you are the furthest thing from it! Just in case you are wondering the other word for anointed is christian taken from the Greek word Χριστιανός meaning an anointed one! I am sick and tired of being compared to fakers, pretenders like you and being blamed for all your evils, all you vile lusts in this world that lead to wars, murders, strifes, fornication and all other evil in this world! In God's Words I too you would be cold or hot because you lukewarm pretenders may me want to puke, your maths sucks, you didn't even attempt to calculate it, the cost that is! Repent or perish in your sins that's your only two choices! There are no grey areas with God, no fence to sit on, no neutral zone, no pergatory! Count the true cost and join a side! I pray you choose Truth over lie, Life over death, Salvation over damnation, Yeshua over the prince of this world whom you now serve in ignorance (mostly)!

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