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A warning against deception!

A single word which has all of the churchian/ false christian world believing the deceptions in these end times we live in, a word we find written in their corrupted Bible versions, namely all of the translations of the original languages! Here is that falsified word and when I say that I mean falsely translated on purpose to deceive not only the nations but the so called Bible believers! This is the word found in Matthew 24 where Yeshua reveals things about the end times to watch out for! Again most ignore His first line in verse 4 before He answers the

three questions His disciples ask Him in verse 3 and therein lies the problem! None of these so called believers obey His Word nor His instructions! What is that word that currently is doing just that to those so called believers being deceived because they did not heed His Word? This is it, "λοιμοι" which if you will check all of the bible dictionaries and scholarly materials on the matter it will tell you this word means pestilence and as those of us who know Yeshua know that today all are being deceived by what is pushed onto the people as

"pestilence". Oh yes people are dying I'm sure but they always have been from one thing or another yet now they only seem to die of one thing and they call it pestilence. Never mind the mass murders going on, the poisoning not just of minds but bodies too. Be it by way of the drinking water or "weather modification" or flu shots or whatever else they use as a delivery method to kill people. Pestilence however is not a way described in the Bible, the true original language version. The word λοιμοι in fact means wickedness or evildoing. The only reason I know this to be true is because the Holy Spirit told me so and told me to investigate this scripture more closely as the current deception of the CV nineteen is the reason for the corruption in the Bible translations! Even though I know the truth I had no confirmation of this fact until the Lord showed me how to find it in the original Bible version! He told me to look up λοιμοι in the old testament Greek translation which also being ancient is not corrupted in the same way. Guess what? When I did a search for λοιμοι in the Septuagint(the old Greek Testament) nothing came up in the search as these Bible programs have been corrupted in the very same way! So the Lord showed me to take the end letter off the search λοιμο instead of λοιμοι and guess what came up? That's right, λοιμοι came up in many separate scriptures and in those scriptures λοιμοι referred to the Hebrew word בליעל(be lial) which means wickedness or evildoing as here in 1 Samuel 2:12 it is used to refer to the sons(or children) of wickedness! The word λοιμοι is also used to translate the Hebrew word רשׁעי(rashi) as

here in Ezekiel 7:21 as it also means wickedness or evildoing! So you see once again the masses are successfully deceived because they trust in mankind to be able to tell them the truth and as you should know by now, mankind cannot be trusted to do so, mankind are liars! Read Romans 3:4 if you're not sure and then read Jeremiah 17:5 and see what God thinks of us trusting each other! Only the Lord can be trusted to tell us the truth! And don't come back to me using these words against me as any truth I tell I have obtained from the Lord

or His Word as they did not come from me! My only source of truth is Yeshua as He is the Truth and He is God Almighty and He is the Word! He is however not the man translated word! His Word is only preserved in the original languages the Bible was written in so trust NO other source! Do not even trust the dictionaries that tell you what words mean but seek God and His Holy Spirit will tell you the truth! Read John 14:26 and John 16:13 and 1 John 2:27 again in you're unsure! Time to stop believing the lies of people and especially the lies of

those who rule this world as they do so under the authority of the prince of this world who still at least for the next 45 and a half months will be so. His time is running out and he knows it which is why he is seeking out to kill and destroy all he can but especially those who belong to Yeshua. He cannot however touch the oil or the wine and those who know they are anointed(and this is an experience you cannot mistake) know that they belong to those carried into the wilderness for the final 42 months(1260 days, three and a half years).

Meanwhile people, keep watching and stand guard for those who watch will see and those who keep God's Word and His commandments He will keep from the hour of temptation that is about to come upon this world! That hour is literally only months away! Be ready!

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