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More last days deceptions based on false Bible translations!

Again a false translation of two verses in the Word of God that have started an entire satanic falsehood! A group of people deceived by that very false translation believe that there is such a thing as the book of Jasher. Because people do not check with the original language translation they are easily deceived as I once was until I started taking note of what Yeshua said to me in Matthew 24 verse 4, especially regarding the last days as this chapter clearly indicates. Here are the said two verses which were corrupted by the translators and it must have been on purpose as it is once again an obvious mistranslation especially in light of the context. Original Hebrew text: Jos 10:13 וידם השׁמשׁ וירח עמד עד־יקם גוי איביו הלא־היא כתובה על־ספר הישׁר ויעמד השׁמשׁ בחצי השׁמים ולא־אץ לבוא כיום תמים׃ Literal translation of the Hebrew: Joshua 10 13 And the sun and moon stood still until the tribe of his father was not written in the book of righteousness and the sun shall rise in half of the heavens and shall not come up whole(completely) today. Original Hebrew Text: 2Sa 1:18 ויאמר ללמד בני־יהודה קשׁת הנה כתובה על־ספר הישׁר׃ Literal translation of the Hebrew: 2Samuel 1 18 and he said to teach the children(or sons) of Yehudah the rainbow here is written in the book of righteousness For all out there if it's unclear, the book of righteousness is God's Word!

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