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A simple twist reveals love for lusts instead of love for God!

Original Hebrew text:

Psa 87:2  אהב יהוה שׁערי ציון מכל משׁכנות יעקב׃

Literal translation:

Psalm 87:2 Love YHVH from the gates of Zion and from all the tents of Yacov

In the Pharisees' version of God's Word the Word has been twisted around 180

degrees by the sons of their father the devil! See here in the KJV:

Psa 87:2  The LORD loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of


See here in the Jewish publication society:

Psa 87:2  The LORD loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of


See here in the Geneva bible:

Psa 87:2 The Lord loueth the gates of Zion aboue all the habitations of Iaakob.

And you will see it in every foreign language translation, the agenda to deceive

has been around since the garden of Eden! People are still swallowing the fruit

satan offered Chavah in the garden of Eden every day and most of these are

christians and religious jews etc.

When God said He would rather you be cold or hot He meant it! At least those

who are cold for example do not swallow these lies nor do those who are hot

and follow their Saviour in Truth and by His Spirit! Lukewarm and false

christians are right now condemning their own families just as was foretold by

Yeshua, calling them worse things than Beelzebub like they did to our Lord

Yeshua just as He had forewarned us! I have personally already been called a

pharisee by my own brother and sister of the flesh which is why they are not my

true sister and brother according to God's Word! (Matthew 12:48 but He began

to speak saying of Himself, "who is My mother?" and "who are my brothers?"

49 and He stretched forth His hand over the disciples(learners) saying, "see, My

mother and My brothers, 50 because whosoever does the will of My Father in

Heaven is My brother and sister and mother) as Yeshua calls the pharisees sons

of their father the devil. A true brother or sister or mother is as Yeshua said,

someone who does the will of the Father in Heaven which is to do as He has

done! True love is as Truth, telling the Truth is true love as Yeshua is both the

Truth and love! People who do not wish to know the Truth do not wish to know

the Saviour and choose the lusts of the world over Him. If you choose Yeshua

as your Saviour you will follow Him in Truth and by His Spirit and that would

make you walk in love and Truth, you do not go around accusing people of

being a pharisee nor do you speak any other hateful words because all those

things you would have left behind you when you follow Yeshua in Truth and by

His Spirit! I do not judge these people, they will have their day, I can only pray

for them! It is their choice to hate, to do that which is opposed to the will of


This then returns to the reason I corrected this verse up above which has turned

and twisted God's Word to read that God loves a city rather than the occupants

of that city who should be loving God! This is the state of the fallen world in a

nutshell. These people would love material things over God and see that all

others should be as they are! Those void of sincere thought, the shallow, the

dim, the truly brainless of this world do not consider what lies beyond their

temporal lives in this world which they lust after! The worst of which deceive

themselves and others thinking themselves to be doing God's will, yet they too live to serve mammon, living for their lusts!

I would they open their eyes and see themselves for what they are, empty

shells, no substance, no heart for good! Wake up you blind people and see and

repent, return to God with your whole hearts and be saved from your own

wretched empty pointless lives!

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