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Tito(Titus) 2

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Literal translation from the Greek:

Tito 2

1 But you, speak that which stands out, the uncorrupted doctrine.

2 Male elders who are sober, honest, self controlled, uncorrupted in the faith, and are steadfast.

3 In like manner female elders should behave with holiness not falsely accusing, not given to wine which enslaved many, being teachers of the good.

4 So that they be of sound mind, that the young wives love their husbands and love their children,

5 sound in mind, pure, keeping watch over of the house, good natured, subordinate to their husbands in order that the word of God is not spoken evil of.

6 The young men likewise instruct to be of sound mind.

7 Concerning all, you yourself show the example of a good worker in the doctrine, incorruptible, honest and sincere

8 speaking the sound doctrine so that those from the opposers be shamed and so none are able to speak evil of you.

9 Self serving rulers who submit to you in any case will agree and not speak against you.

10 Do not hold back, but believing all show good, in order that the doctrine of the Saviour, theirs and ours, God will put all in order.

11 It has brought to light why the grace of God came to all mankind.

12 Train up your children so that they know to reject the wickedness and the worldly lusts with a sound mind and to live righteously and Godly in the present age.

13 We await the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our Mighty God and Saviour Yeshua the anointed One(the Messiah)

14 who has suffered for our sakes so as to redeem us from all wickedness and purified His own special people, zealous for good works.

15 These things speak and instruct and reprove with all authority so they don't despise you.

Textus Receptus Greek text:

Titus 2

1  συ δε λαλει α πρεπει τη υγιαινουση διδασκαλια 

2  πρεσβυτας νηφαλιους ειναι σεμνους σωφρονας υγιαινοντας τη πιστει τη αγαπη τη υπομονη 

3  πρεσβυτιδας ωσαυτως εν καταστηματι ιεροπρεπεις μη διαβολους μη οινω πολλω δεδουλωμενας καλοδιδασκαλους 

4  ινα σωφρονιζωσιν τας νεας φιλανδρους ειναι φιλοτεκνους 

5  σωφρονας αγνας οικουρους αγαθας υποτασσομενας τοις ιδιοις ανδρασιν ινα μη ο λογος του θεου βλασφημηται 

6  τους νεωτερους ωσαυτως παρακαλει σωφρονειν 

7  περι παντα σεαυτον παρεχομενος τυπον καλων εργων εν τη διδασκαλια αδιαφθοριαν σεμνοτητα αφθαρσιαν 

8  λογον υγιη ακαταγνωστον ινα ο εξ εναντιας εντραπη μηδεν εχων περι υμων λεγειν φαυλον 

9  δουλους ιδιοις δεσποταις υποτασσεσθαι εν πασιν ευαρεστους ειναι μη αντιλεγοντας 

10  μη νοσφιζομενους αλλα πιστιν πασαν ενδεικνυμενους αγαθην ινα την διδασκαλιαν του σωτηρος ημων θεου κοσμωσιν εν πασιν 

11  επεφανη γαρ η χαρις του θεου η σωτηριος πασιν ανθρωποις 

12  παιδευουσα ημας ινα αρνησαμενοι την ασεβειαν και τας κοσμικας επιθυμιας σωφρονως και δικαιως και ευσεβως ζησωμεν εν τω νυν αιωνι 

13  προσδεχομενοι την μακαριαν ελπιδα και επιφανειαν της δοξης του μεγαλου θεου και σωτηρος ημων ιησου χριστου 

14  ος εδωκεν εαυτον υπερ ημων ινα λυτρωσηται ημας απο πασης ανομιας και καθαριση εαυτω λαον περιουσιον ζηλωτην καλων εργων 

15  ταυτα λαλει και παρακαλει και ελεγχε μετα πασης επιταγης μηδεις σου περιφρονειτω 

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