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Tito(Titus) 1

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Literal translation from the Greek:

Tito 1

1 Paul, bondservant of God, messenger of Yeshua the Messiah according to the faith of the Ekklesia(called out ones)of God and with the knowledge from above regarding truth according to holiness.

2 Upon hope of life eternal which promise was made by God who cannot lie before time eternal

3 but has made apparent His time in His own Word whose proclamation,"faith in Me alone can command salvation from God"

4 Tito, sincere child according to the common faith(the local unholy faith he had), grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and the Lord Yeshua the Messiah your Saviour.

5 That same grace leave in Crete so that you set those without(grace) in order and appoint a city elder just as I bid you.

6 Whosoever is blameless, a husband of one wife and children who hold to the faith, not the unsaved kind or uncommitted.

7 Because the overseer needs to be as I, from God, not self willed, not quickly angered, not given to wine, not incompetent, not given to greed(or not visceral, not given to the flesh),

8 rather with brotherly love, loving goodness, self controlled, evenhanded, pure, acceptable.

9 Holding firmly to the faithful doctrine of the Word so that he is able and encouraged in the sound doctrine and refute those who speak against it.

10 Because they are many and are disobedient and idle talkers and deceivers especially those from the circumcised

11 whose mouths must be stopped because they overturn each household for shameless profit.

12 A certain prophet said of his own, Cretans are always liars and bad lazy bellied beasts.

13 I have witnessed this to be true for which reason I rebuke you sharply that you may be sound in the faith.

14 Do not hold to Jewish myths and man made commandments that pervert the truth.

15 All are truly clean, the clean, the defiled and the unbeliever, nevertheless nothing clean defiles their own mind and conscience.

16 Godly confession is seen in deed, reject idolatrous people and the disobedient because all good work(on them) is wasted.

Textus Receptus Greek:

Titus 1

1  παυλος δουλος θεου αποστολος δε ιησου χριστου κατα πιστιν εκλεκτων θεου και επιγνωσιν αληθειας της κατ ευσεβειαν 

2  επ ελπιδι ζωης αιωνιου ην επηγγειλατο ο αψευδης θεος προ χρονων αιωνιων 

3  εφανερωσεν δε καιροις ιδιοις τον λογον αυτου εν κηρυγματι ο επιστευθην εγω κατ επιταγην του σωτηρος ημων θεου 

4  τιτω γνησιω τεκνω κατα κοινην πιστιν χαρις ελεος ειρηνη απο θεου πατρος και κυριου ιησου χριστου του σωτηρος ημων 

5  τουτου χαριν κατελιπον σε εν κρητη ινα τα λειποντα επιδιορθωση και καταστησης κατα πολιν πρεσβυτερους ως εγω σοι διεταξαμην 

6  ει τις εστιν ανεγκλητος μιας γυναικος ανηρ τεκνα εχων πιστα μη εν κατηγορια ασωτιας η ανυποτακτα 

7  δει γαρ τον επισκοπον ανεγκλητον ειναι ως θεου οικονομον μη αυθαδη μη οργιλον μη παροινον μη πληκτην μη αισχροκερδη 

8  αλλα φιλοξενον φιλαγαθον σωφρονα δικαιον οσιον εγκρατη 

9  αντεχομενον του κατα την διδαχην πιστου λογου ινα δυνατος η και παρακαλειν εν τη διδασκαλια τη υγιαινουση και τους αντιλεγοντας ελεγχειν 

10  εισιν γαρ πολλοι και ανυποτακτοι ματαιολογοι και φρεναπαται μαλιστα οι εκ περιτομης 

11  ους δει επιστομιζειν οιτινες ολους οικους ανατρεπουσιν διδασκοντες α μη δει αισχρου κερδους χαριν 

12  ειπεν τις εξ αυτων ιδιος αυτων προφητης κρητες αει ψευσται κακα θηρια γαστερες αργαι 

13  η μαρτυρια αυτη εστιν αληθης δι ην αιτιαν ελεγχε αυτους αποτομως ινα υγιαινωσιν εν τη πιστει 

14  μη προσεχοντες ιουδαικοις μυθοις και εντολαις ανθρωπων αποστρεφομενων την αληθειαν 

15  παντα μεν καθαρα τοις καθαροις τοις δε μεμιασμενοις και απιστοις ουδεν καθαρον αλλα μεμιανται αυτων και ο νους και η συνειδησις 

16  θεον ομολογουσιν ειδεναι τοις δε εργοις αρνουνται βδελυκτοι οντες και απειθεις και προς παν εργον αγαθον αδοκιμοι 

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