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Revelation chapter 3

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Literal translation of the Greek:

Revelation 3

1 and to the messenger in the Sardeis Ekklesia write these, says He who has the seven spirits of God and the seven stars, I see your works, that you have the name for being alive and you are dead.

2 You be watchful(keep awake) and set fast(lit.turn resolutely in certain direction)the remaining ones who are about to die as I have not found your works filled(finished, perfect) in the presence of (or before) God

3 but remember how you get it and hear and guard(keep) and rethink(repent) but if you do not watch(keep awake) I will come to you as a thief and and you will not know which hour I come to you

4 you have a few names in Sardeis who have not defiled their garments and will walk with Me in white because they are worthy

5 he who overcomes wil be clothed in white garments and I will not blot out his name from the scroll(book) of life and I will confess his name before My Father and before His messengers.

6 The one who has ears to hear what the Spirit says, are the Ekklesias

7 and to the messenger in the Filadelpheia Ekklesia write these, says the Holy and True One Who has(holds) the key that opens and no one can close and closes and no one can open.

8 I see your works, see, I give before you an open door that no one(or nothing) can shut because you have little strength and have guarded(kept) My Word and not denied(rejected) My Name.

9 See, I give from the synagogue(gathering) of satan those who say they are Jews and are not but they lie. See, that I will make them come and kneel before your feet and so that they know I love you

10 because you guard(keep) My Word patiently so I will guard(keep) you from the hour of testing(trial, proving) that is about to come upon the whole world to test(try, prove) those who dwell upon the earth.

11 See, I come soon, hold fast what you have so that nobody takes your crown.

12 He who overcomes I will make a support(column, pillar) in the tabernacle(sanctuary, temple) of My God and not go out from there and write upon him the Name of My God and the name of the city of My God the new Yerushalem that descends from heaven(sky) after My God and My new Name

13 The one who has ears to hear what the Spirit says, are the Ekklesias

14 and to the messenger of the Laodikeus Ekklesia write these, says the Amen, the Faithful Witness, the True, the Beginning, the Creator God.

15 I see your works, that you are neither cold nor hot, it would be to your benefit if you were cold or hot

16 so because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I AM about to spew you from My mouth

17 because you say, "because I am wealthy and rich and have need of nothing" and because you do not see(perceive, know) that you are miserable and pitiable and poor and blind and naked

18 I advise(counsel) you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so you can become wealthy and dressed in white so that you are clothed and not appear in your shameful nakedness and salve to anoint your eyes so that you can see

19 Whoever I love(or am friends with) I reprove(rebuke) and teach to be zealous and rethink(repent)

20 See, I stand at the door and knock if any hear My voice and he/she opens the door I will go in to him/her and dine with him/her and he/she with Me.

21 The overcomer I will give him/ her to sit with Me in My throne as I also overcame and sit down with My Father in His throne.

22 The one who has ears to hear what the Spirit says, are the Ekklesias.

Textus Receptus Greek:

Rev 3:1  και τω αγγελω της εν σαρδεσιν εκκλησιας γραψον ταδε λεγει ο εχων τα επτα πνευματα του θεου και τους επτα αστερας οιδα σου τα εργα οτι το ονομα εχεις οτι ζης και νεκρος ει 

Rev 3:2  γινου γρηγορων και στηριξον τα λοιπα α μελλει αποθανειν ου γαρ ευρηκα σου τα εργα πεπληρωμενα ενωπιον του θεου 

Rev 3:3  μνημονευε ουν πως ειληφας και ηκουσας και τηρει και μετανοησον εαν ουν μη γρηγορησης ηξω επι σε ως κλεπτης και ου μη γνως ποιαν ωραν ηξω επι σε 

Rev 3:4  εχεις ολιγα ονοματα και εν σαρδεσιν α ουκ εμολυναν τα ιματια αυτων και περιπατησουσιν μετ εμου εν λευκοις οτι αξιοι εισιν 

Rev 3:5  ο νικων ουτος περιβαλειται εν ιματιοις λευκοις και ου μη εξαλειψω το ονομα αυτου εκ της βιβλου της ζωης και εξομολογησομαι το ονομα αυτου ενωπιον του πατρος μου και ενωπιον των αγγελων αυτου 

Rev 3:6  ο εχων ους ακουσατω τι το πνευμα λεγει ταις εκκλησιαις 

Rev 3:7  και τω αγγελω της εν φιλαδελφεια εκκλησιας γραψον ταδε λεγει ο αγιος ο αληθινος ο εχων την κλειδα του δαβιδ ο ανοιγων και ουδεις κλειει και κλειει και ουδεις ανοιγει 

Rev 3:8  οιδα σου τα εργα ιδου δεδωκα ενωπιον σου θυραν ανεωγμενην και ουδεις δυναται κλεισαι αυτην οτι μικραν εχεις δυναμιν και ετηρησας μου τον λογον και ουκ ηρνησω το ονομα μου 

Rev 3:9  ιδου διδωμι εκ της συναγωγης του σατανα των λεγοντων εαυτους ιουδαιους ειναι και ουκ εισιν αλλα ψευδονται ιδου ποιησω αυτους ινα ηξωσιν και προσκυνησωσιν ενωπιον των ποδων σου και γνωσιν οτι εγω ηγαπησα σε 

Rev 3:10  οτι ετηρησας τον λογον της υπομονης μου καγω σε τηρησω εκ της ωρας του πειρασμου της μελλουσης ερχεσθαι επι της οικουμενης ολης πειρασαι τους κατοικουντας επι της γης 

Rev 3:11  ιδου ερχομαι ταχυ κρατει ο εχεις ινα μηδεις λαβη τον στεφανον σου 

Rev 3:12  ο νικων ποιησω αυτον στυλον εν τω ναω του θεου μου και εξω ου μη εξελθη ετι και γραψω επ αυτον το ονομα του θεου μου και το ονομα της πολεως του θεου μου της καινης ιερουσαλημ η καταβαινει εκ του ουρανου απο του θεου μου και το ονομα μου το καινον 

Rev 3:13  ο εχων ους ακουσατω τι το πνευμα λεγει ταις εκκλησιαις 

Rev 3:14  και τω αγγελω της εκκλησιας λαοδικεων γραψον ταδε λεγει ο αμην ο μαρτυς ο πιστος και αληθινος η αρχη της κτισεως του θεου 

Rev 3:15  οιδα σου τα εργα οτι ουτε ψυχρος ει ουτε ζεστος οφελον ψυχρος ειης η ζεστος 

Rev 3:16  ουτως οτι χλιαρος ει και ουτε ψυχρος ουτε ζεστος μελλω σε εμεσαι εκ του στοματος μου 

Rev 3:17  οτι λεγεις οτι πλουσιος ειμι και πεπλουτηκα και ουδενος χρειαν εχω και ουκ οιδας οτι συ ει ο ταλαιπωρος και ελεεινος και πτωχος και τυφλος και γυμνος 

Rev 3:18  συμβουλευω σοι αγορασαι παρ εμου χρυσιον πεπυρωμενον εκ πυρος ινα πλουτησης και ιματια λευκα ινα περιβαλη και μη φανερωθη η αισχυνη της γυμνοτητος σου και κολλουριον εγχρισον τους οφθαλμους σου ινα βλεπης 

Rev 3:19  εγω οσους εαν φιλω ελεγχω και παιδευω ζηλωσον ουν και μετανοησον 

Rev 3:20  ιδου εστηκα επι την θυραν και κρουω εαν τις ακουση της φωνης μου και ανοιξη την θυραν εισελευσομαι προς αυτον και δειπνησω μετ αυτου και αυτος μετ εμου 

Rev 3:21  ο νικων δωσω αυτω καθισαι μετ εμου εν τω θρονω μου ως καγω ενικησα και εκαθισα μετα του πατρος μου εν τω θρονω αυτου 

Rev 3:22  ο εχων ους ακουσατω τι το πνευμα λεγει ταις εκκλησιαις 

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