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Revelation chapter 9

Updated: Jul 7

Literal translation of the Greek:

Revelation 9

1 and the fifth messenger sounded and I saw a star fall from the heaven onto the earth and he was given the key to the pit of the abyss

2 and he opened the pit of the abyss and smoke came up from the abyss like the smoke from a great furnace and it darkened the sun and the air from the smoke of the pit

3 and smoke and pointed things came up from the earth and were given the ability like unto power to pierce(sting) the earth

4 and they rejoiced so that no grass of the earth nor any of the (yellowishly) pale (plants implied) nor any trees were hurt but solely those of mankind who did not have the mark of God upon their forehead

5 and He gave them not to kill them but so as to torment them five months and their torment is like a scorpion's sting is to a man

6 and in those days men will seek death and will not find it and they will desire to die and death will flee from them

7 and the likeness of the pointed things are like horses preparing for war and on their heads like crowns appearing golden(or metal) and their faces like the faces of men

8 and they had hair like the hair of a woman and their teeth are like a lion's

9 and they had breastplates like breastplates of iron and the noise of their wings was like the noise of many chariots and horses running into battle

10 and they had tails that looked like a scorpion's and it has a sting(or point) in its tail and they had the ability to hurt men for five months

11 and they had over them the king of the messengers of the abyss and his name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in the Greek is called Apolluon

12 the one woe(alas) has passed, see the second woe(alas) is still to come

13 and the sixth messenger sounded and I heard the voice from one of the four horns(chiefs or elders implied) of the golden altar before God

14 saying to the sixth messenger who held the trumpet, loosen the four messengers bound upon the great river Euphrates

15 and he loosened the four messengers to prepare for the hour and day and month and year so that they would kill a third of mankind

16 and the number of the cavalry(or horsemen) armaments(or troops) were two ten thousands ten thousand(multiplied = 200 million) and I heard their number

17 and in this way I saw the horses in the vision and those who sat on them having flaming(fiery)breastplates and deep blue and sulphur like and the heads of the horses as heads of lions and from their mouths came fire and smoke and sulphur

18 by the three they killed a third of mankind, by the fire and by the smoke and by the sulphur they discharged from their mouths

19 because their power is in their mouth and in their tails because their tails resemble snakes having heads and by them they hurt(injure)

20 and the remnant of mankind who were not killed in the plagues nor repented of the works(deeds) of their hands so that they not serve(worship) demons(false gods implied) and idols(images) of gold and silver and brass and stone and wood which neither see nor are able to hear nor walk about

21 and did not repent of their murder nor their pharmacy(witchcraft) nor their porn(fornication) nor their thieving(stealing)

Textus Receptus Greek:

Revelation 9

1  και ο πεμπτος αγγελος εσαλπισεν και ειδον αστερα εκ του ουρανου πεπτωκοτα εις την γην και εδοθη αυτω η κλεις του φρεατος της αβυσσου 

2  και ηνοιξεν το φρεαρ της αβυσσου και ανεβη καπνος εκ του φρεατος ως καπνος καμινου μεγαλης και εσκοτισθη ο ηλιος και ο αηρ εκ του καπνου του φρεατος 

3  και εκ του καπνου εξηλθον ακριδες εις την γην και εδοθη αυταις εξουσια ως εχουσιν εξουσιαν οι σκορπιοι της γης 

4  και ερρεθη αυταις ινα μη αδικησωσιν τον χορτον της γης ουδε παν χλωρον ουδε παν δενδρον ει μη τους ανθρωπους μονους οιτινες ουκ εχουσιν την σφραγιδα του θεου επι των μετωπων αυτων 

5  και εδοθη αυταις ινα μη αποκτεινωσιν αυτους αλλ ινα βασανισθωσιν μηνας πεντε και ο βασανισμος αυτων ως βασανισμος σκορπιου οταν παιση ανθρωπον 

6  και εν ταις ημεραις εκειναις ζητησουσιν οι ανθρωποι τον θανατον και ουχ ευρησουσιν αυτον και επιθυμησουσιν αποθανειν και φευξεται ο θανατος απ αυτων 

7  και τα ομοιωματα των ακριδων ομοια ιπποις ητοιμασμενοις εις πολεμον και επι τας κεφαλας αυτων ως στεφανοι ομοιοι χρυσω και τα προσωπα αυτων ως προσωπα ανθρωπων 

8  και ειχον τριχας ως τριχας γυναικων και οι οδοντες αυτων ως λεοντων ησαν 

9  και ειχον θωρακας ως θωρακας σιδηρους και η φωνη των πτερυγων αυτων ως φωνη αρματων ιππων πολλων τρεχοντων εις πολεμον 

10  και εχουσιν ουρας ομοιας σκορπιοις και κεντρα ην εν ταις ουραις αυτων και η εξουσια αυτων αδικησαι τους ανθρωπους μηνας πεντε 

11  και εχουσιν επ αυτων βασιλεα τον αγγελον της αβυσσου ονομα αυτω εβραιστι αβαδδων και εν τη ελληνικη ονομα εχει απολλυων 

12  η ουαι η μια απηλθεν ιδου ερχονται ετι δυο ουαι μετα ταυτα 

13  και ο εκτος αγγελος εσαλπισεν και ηκουσα φωνην μιαν εκ των τεσσαρων κερατων του θυσιαστηριου του χρυσου του ενωπιον του θεου 

14  λεγουσαν τω εκτω αγγελω ος ειχε την σαλπιγγα λυσον τους τεσσαρας αγγελους τους δεδεμενους επι τω ποταμω τω μεγαλω ευφρατη 

15  και ελυθησαν οι τεσσαρες αγγελοι οι ητοιμασμενοι εις την ωραν και ημεραν και μηνα και ενιαυτον ινα αποκτεινωσιν το τριτον των ανθρωπων 

16  και ο αριθμος στρατευματων του ιππικου δυο μυριαδες μυριαδων και ηκουσα τον αριθμον αυτων 

17  και ουτως ειδον τους ιππους εν τη ορασει και τους καθημενους επ αυτων εχοντας θωρακας πυρινους και υακινθινους και θειωδεις και αι κεφαλαι των ιππων ως κεφαλαι λεοντων και εκ των στοματων αυτων εκπορευεται πυρ και καπνος και θειον 

18  υπο των τριων τουτων απεκτανθησαν το τριτον των ανθρωπων εκ του πυρος και εκ του καπνου και εκ του θειου του εκπορευομενου εκ των στοματων αυτων 

19  η γαρ εξουσια αυτων εν τω στοματι αυτων εστιν και εν ταις ουραις αυτων αι γαρ ουραι αυτων ομοιαι οφεσιν εχουσαι κεφαλας και εν αυταις αδικουσιν 

20  και οι λοιποι των ανθρωπων οι ουκ απεκτανθησαν εν ταις πληγαις ταυταις ου μετενοησαν εκ των εργων των χειρων αυτων ινα μη προσκυνησωσιν τα δαιμονια και ειδωλα τα χρυσα και τα αργυρα και τα χαλκα και τα λιθινα και τα ξυλινα α ουτε βλεπειν δυναται ουτε ακουειν ουτε περιπατειν 

21  και ου μετενοησαν εκ των φονων αυτων ουτε εκ των φαρμακειων αυτων ουτε εκ της πορνειας αυτων ουτε εκ των κλεμματων αυτων 

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