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Revelation chapter 18

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Literal translation from the Greek:

Revelation 18

1 and with that I saw another messenger descend from the heaven having great authority and the earth brightened(lightened, was lit up) by(from) his glory

2 and he cried out in a great and powerful voice saying, fallen, fallen, Babylon the great and it has become a dwelling place for demons and a prison for all unclean spirits and a prison for all unclean flying creatures(wrongly assumed to be birds) and half life creatures(i.e.nephilim=half man, half fallen angel or centaurs, satyrs etc.)

3 that from the wine of the passion(lit.breathing hard) of her idolatry(porn, fornication) she has deceived(fooled, made to drink) the tribes(nations, gentiles) and the kings of the earth with them corrupting(lusting after, fornicating with) also the merchants of the earth by(from) the power of their strong wealth

4 and I heard another voice from the heaven say, come out of her My people so that you do not partake of her sins and so that you not receive from her calamities(disasters, plagues)

5 because they stick(keep to, glue) to their sins until the heaven and God remembers their wrongdoing(iniquity, evil doings)

6 give(yield) her up even as she gave(yielded) you up and double(twofold) on her, double(twofold) according to her works in the cup which she poured from, pour double(twofold) on her

7 as many as glorify her and as many give to beautify her, torment(torture) and mourning(sorrow) because in her heart she says, I sit( as a queen and I am no widow(or lack nothing) and I don't see any mourning(sorrow)

8 because of this in one day will come(arrive) her calamity(disaster, plague), death and mourning(sorrow) and hunger(famine) and in lightning(fire) will be consumed(burnt up) because the mighty Lord God has judged her

9 and they will bewail(weep, cry for) her and will mourn(lit.beat their chests) over her, the kings of the earth that fornicated(committed idolatry) with her and her strength(of her wealth implied), when they saw the smoke of her burning

10 from afar(a distance) they stood for fear of her torment(torture) saying alas(woe), alas(woe), the great city of Babylon, the city of the powerful because in one hour your judgement came

11 and the merchants of the earth cried(bewailed) and mourned for her because no one would buy their merchandise any more

12 merchandise of gold and silver and precious stone and pearl and fine linen and purple(colour dye obtained from purple mussel) and silk and red(crimson coloured berry or grain) and all firewood(wood used in sacrifices) and all costly wooden vessels and copper and iron and marble

13 and cinnamon and incense and myrrh and frankincense and wine and olive oil and fine wheat flour and grain(wheat) and domestic animals(cattle etc.) and sheep and horses and chariots(specifically 4 wheeled vehicles) and bodies(as in workers, a labour force) and the souls of men(mankind)

14 and the fruit your soul lusts after(desires) departs from you and all the fat and the bright(radiant) departs from you and no, not one you will find

15 the merchants that became wealthy from her, from afar(a distance) stand because of the fear of her torment(torture) they bewail(cry over) and mourn

16 and they said, alas(woe), alas(woe), that great city which is surrounded(enveloped) by fine linen and purple and red and decked(covered) in gold and precious stone and pearl

17 because (in) one hour this much wealth came to nothing(nought) and all captains and all on the ships(vessels) a multitude of sailors and whosoever worked on the sea standing from afar(a distance)

18 and all cried out, see the smoke of her burning saying, what is like this great city

19 and they threw dust on their heads and cried out bewailing and mourning saying alas, alas that great city in which they became wealthy, all that had ships(vessels) in the sea from her costliness(price) because in one hour it was made desolate(came to nothing, brought to nought)

20 rejoice over her, heaven and holy sent ones(apostles) and the prophets because God judged her judgement of you

21 and one powerful messenger lifted a stone like(resembling) a great millstone and threw it down into the sea saying, in this way violence will be thrown down, Babylon the great city also is not found any more

22 and the sound of the harp(guitar) and the musician and piper and trumpeter is not heard in you any more and every craftsman of all trades were not found in you any more and the sound of the millstone is not heard in you any more

23 and the light of a lamp does not shine in you any more and the voice of the bridegroom and bride is not heard in you any more because your merchants they are the great men of the earth that in your pharmacy(witchcraft) have caused(deceived) all tribes(nations, gentiles) to go astray

24 and in her the blood of the prophets and holy ones is found and of all the slaughtered ones of the world

Textus Receptus Greek:

Revelation 18

1 και μετα ταυτα ειδον αλλον αγγελον καταβαινοντα εκ του ουρανου εχοντα εξουσιαν μεγαλην και η γη εφωτισθη εκ της δοξης αυτου

2 και εκραξεν εν ισχυι φωνη μεγαλη λεγων επεσεν επεσεν βαβυλων η μεγαλη και εγενετο κατοικητηριον δαιμονων και φυλακη παντος πνευματος ακαθαρτου και φυλακη παντος ορνεου ακαθαρτου και μεμισημενου

3 οτι εκ του οινου του θυμου της πορνειας αυτης πεπωκεν παντα τα εθνη και οι βασιλεις της γης μετ αυτης επορνευσαν και οι εμποροι της γης εκ της δυναμεως του στρηνους αυτης επλουτησαν

4 και ηκουσα αλλην φωνην εκ του ουρανου λεγουσαν εξελθετε εξ αυτης ο λαος μου ινα μη συγκοινωνησητε ταις αμαρτιαις αυτης και ινα μη λαβητε εκ των πληγων αυτης

5 οτι εκολληθησαν αυτης αι αμαρτιαι αχρι του ουρανου και εμνημονευσεν ο θεος τα αδικηματα αυτης

6 αποδοτε αυτη ως και αυτη απεδωκεν υμιν και διπλωσατε αυτη διπλα κατα τα εργα αυτης εν τω ποτηριω ω εκερασεν κερασατε αυτη διπλουν

7 οσα εδοξασεν εαυτην και εστρηνιασεν τοσουτον δοτε αυτη βασανισμον και πενθος οτι εν τη καρδια αυτης λεγει καθημαι βασιλισσα και χηρα ουκ ειμι και πενθος ου μη ιδω

8 δια τουτο εν μια ημερα ηξουσιν αι πληγαι αυτης θανατος και πενθος και λιμος και εν πυρι κατακαυθησεται οτι ισχυρος κυριος ο θεος ο κρινων αυτην

9 και κλαυσονται αυτην και κοψονται επ αυτη οι βασιλεις της γης οι μετ αυτης πορνευσαντες και στρηνιασαντες οταν βλεπωσιν τον καπνον της πυρωσεως αυτης

10 απο μακροθεν εστηκοτες δια τον φοβον του βασανισμου αυτης λεγοντες ουαι ουαι η πολις η μεγαλη βαβυλων η πολις η ισχυρα οτι εν μια ωρα ηλθεν η κρισις σου

11 και οι εμποροι της γης κλαιουσιν και πενθουσιν επ αυτη οτι τον γομον αυτων ουδεις αγοραζει ουκετι

12 γομον χρυσου και αργυρου και λιθου τιμιου και μαργαριτου και βυσσου και πορφυρας και σηρικου και κοκκινου και παν ξυλον θυινον και παν σκευος ελεφαντινον και παν σκευος εκ ξυλου τιμιωτατου και χαλκου και σιδηρου και μαρμαρου

13 και κιναμωμον και θυμιαματα και μυρον και λιβανον και οινον και ελαιον και σεμιδαλιν και σιτον και κτηνη και προβατα και ιππων και ρεδων και σωματων και ψυχας ανθρωπων

14 και η οπωρα της επιθυμιας της ψυχης σου απηλθεν απο σου και παντα τα λιπαρα και τα λαμπρα απηλθεν απο σου και ουκετι ου μη ευρησης αυτα

15 οι εμποροι τουτων οι πλουτησαντες απ αυτης απο μακροθεν στησονται δια τον φοβον του βασανισμου αυτης κλαιοντες και πενθουντες

16 και λεγοντες ουαι ουαι η πολις η μεγαλη η περιβεβλημενη βυσσινον και πορφυρουν και κοκκινον και κεχρυσωμενη εν χρυσω και λιθω τιμιω και μαργαριταις

17 οτι μια ωρα ηρημωθη ο τοσουτος πλουτος και πας κυβερνητης και πας επι των πλοιων ο ομιλος και ναυται και οσοι την θαλασσαν εργαζονται απο μακροθεν εστησαν

18 και εκραζον ορωντες τον καπνον της πυρωσεως αυτης λεγοντες τις ομοια τη πολει τη μεγαλη

19 και εβαλον χουν επι τας κεφαλας αυτων και εκραζον κλαιοντες και πενθουντες λεγοντες ουαι ουαι η πολις η μεγαλη εν η επλουτησαν παντες οι εχοντες πλοια εν τη θαλασση εκ της τιμιοτητος αυτης οτι μια ωρα ηρημωθη

20 ευφραινου επ αυτην ουρανε και οι αγιοι αποστολοι και οι προφηται οτι εκρινεν ο θεος το κριμα υμων εξ αυτης

21 και ηρεν εις αγγελος ισχυρος λιθον ως μυλον μεγαν και εβαλεν εις την θαλασσαν λεγων ουτως ορμηματι βληθησεται βαβυλων η μεγαλη πολις και ου μη ευρεθη ετι

22 και φωνη κιθαρωδων και μουσικων και αυλητων και σαλπιστων ου μη ακουσθη εν σοι ετι και πας τεχνιτης πασης τεχνης ου μη ευρεθη εν σοι ετι και φωνη μυλου ου μη ακουσθη εν σοι ετι

23 και φως λυχνου ου μη φανη εν σοι ετι και φωνη νυμφιου και νυμφης ου μη ακουσθη εν σοι ετι οτι οι εμποροι σου ησαν οι μεγιστανες της γης οτι εν τη φαρμακεια σου επλανηθησαν παντα τα εθνη

24 και εν αυτη αιμα προφητων και αγιων ευρεθη και παντων των εσφαγμενων επι της γης

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