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Revelation chapter 17

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Literal translation of the Greek:

Revelation 17

1 and one of the seven messengers holding the seven bottles, came and he

spoke to me and said to me, here, I will show you the judgement of the great

whore(prostitute) that sits upon many waters

2 with which the kings of the earth prostituted themselves(committed

fornication) and were drunk from the wine of her porn(fornication, idolatry)

that dwells on the earth

3 and he carried me away into the wilderness in the spirit and I saw a woman

upon a reddish(scarlet) beast full of names of evil speech(blasphemy) having

seven heads and ten horns(chiefs)

4 and the woman that was arrayed(clothed roundabout) in purple and reddish

(scarlet) and decked(gilded, covered) in gold and a precious stone and pearls

holding a golden cup in her hand full of idolatries and her unclean(moral filth)

porn(fornication, idolatry)

5 and upon her forehead a name written, mystery(secret) Babylon the great

mother, the whore(idolater) and the abominations(idolatries) of the earth

6 and I saw the woman drinking from the blood of the holy ones and from the

blood of the witnesses of Yeshua and I wondered about this great wonder

7 and he told me, the messenger through who I wondered, I will tell you the

secret(mystery) of the woman and the beast lifting(bearing) up holding the

seven heads and the ten horns

8 the beast you saw is and is not and is about to rise from the pit(abyss, deep)

and leads under into destruction and they will wonder those who dwell on the

earth whose name is not written upon the scroll(book) of life from the

conception(foundation) of the universe, see the beast who is and is not, yet is

9 here is the mind having wisdom, the seven heads(or capitals) are mountains

where the woman sits over them

10 and seven kings are and the fifth fell and the one the other has not yet come

and when he/she comes must stay a short while

11 and the beast who is and is not and it is the eighth and is from the seven and

is led to destruction under

12 and the ten horns(chiefs) I saw are ten kings(sovereigns) of which some do

not reign yet, they take power as king(sovereign) one hour receiving(taking,

choosing, selecting) it with the beast

13 these have one mind(resolve, counsel)and the power and their authority the

beast has dealt out(distributed, divided)

14 these will make war with the Lamb Who prevails because He is Lord of

lords and King of kings and they with Him called(appointed) and called out

(elected, chosen) and faithful(believing)

15 and he said to me the waters which I saw where the whore sits are people

and crowds and tribes(nations, gentiles) and tongues(languages)

16 and the ten horns which I saw upon the beast they will hate the whore and

they will ruin(make desolate) her and strip her naked and her flesh(body) they

will consume and they will burn her up in fire

17 but God put into their hearts to make them do His will(mind, purpose) and

they agreed in one mind and gave their reign(sovereignty) to the beast until its

end, this God commanded

18 and the woman which I saw is the great city having the dominion by(over,

upon) the king of the earth

Textus Receptus Greek:

Revelation 17

1 και ηλθεν εις εκ των επτα αγγελων των εχοντων τας επτα φιαλας και

ελαλησεν μετ εμου λεγων μοι δευρο δειξω σοι το κριμα της πορνης της

μεγαλης της καθημενης επι των υδατων των πολλων

2 μεθ ης επορνευσαν οι βασιλεις της γης και εμεθυσθησαν εκ του οινου της

πορνειας αυτης οι κατοικουντες την γην

3 και απηνεγκεν με εις ερημον εν πνευματι και ειδον γυναικα καθημενην επι

θηριον κοκκινον γεμον ονοματων βλασφημιας εχον κεφαλας επτα και κερατα


4 και η γυνη ην περιβεβλημενη πορφυρα και κοκκινω και κεχρυσωμενη

χρυσω και λιθω τιμιω και μαργαριταις εχουσα χρυσουν ποτηριον εν τη χειρι

αυτης γεμον βδελυγματων και ακαθαρτητος πορνειας αυτης

5 και επι το μετωπον αυτης ονομα γεγραμμενον μυστηριον βαβυλων η

μεγαλη η μητηρ των πορνων και των βδελυγματων της γης

6 και ειδον την γυναικα μεθυουσαν εκ του αιματος των αγιων και εκ του

αιματος των μαρτυρων ιησου και εθαυμασα ιδων αυτην θαυμα μεγα

7 και ειπεν μοι ο αγγελος διατι εθαυμασας εγω σοι ερω το μυστηριον της

γυναικος και του θηριου του βασταζοντος αυτην του εχοντος τας επτα

κεφαλας και τα δεκα κερατα

8 το θηριον ο ειδες ην και ουκ εστιν και μελλει αναβαινειν εκ της αβυσσου

και εις απωλειαν υπαγειν και θαυμασονται οι κατοικουντες επι της γης ων ου

γεγραπται τα ονοματα επι το βιβλιον της ζωης απο καταβολης κοσμου

βλεποντες το θηριον ο τι ην και ουκ εστιν καιπερ εστιν

9 ωδε ο νους ο εχων σοφιαν αι επτα κεφαλαι ορη εισιν επτα οπου η γυνη

καθηται επ αυτων

10 και βασιλεις επτα εισιν οι πεντε επεσαν και ο εις εστιν ο αλλος ουπω

ηλθεν και οταν ελθη ολιγον αυτον δει μειναι

11 και το θηριον ο ην και ουκ εστιν και αυτος ογδοος εστιν και εκ των επτα

εστιν και εις απωλειαν υπαγει

12 και τα δεκα κερατα α ειδες δεκα βασιλεις εισιν οιτινες βασιλειαν ουπω

ελαβον αλλ εξουσιαν ως βασιλεις μιαν ωραν λαμβανουσιν μετα του θηριου

13 ουτοι μιαν γνωμην εχουσιν και την δυναμιν και την εξουσιαν εαυτων τω

θηριω διαδιδωσουσιν

14 ουτοι μετα του αρνιου πολεμησουσιν και το αρνιον νικησει αυτους οτι

κυριος κυριων εστιν και βασιλευς βασιλεων και οι μετ αυτου κλητοι και

εκλεκτοι και πιστοι

15 και λεγει μοι τα υδατα α ειδες ου η πορνη καθηται λαοι και οχλοι εισιν

και εθνη και γλωσσαι

16 και τα δεκα κερατα α ειδες επι το θηριον ουτοι μισησουσιν την πορνην και

ηρημωμενην ποιησουσιν αυτην και γυμνην και τας σαρκας αυτης φαγονται

και αυτην κατακαυσουσιν εν πυρι

17 ο γαρ θεος εδωκεν εις τας καρδιας αυτων ποιησαι την γνωμην αυτου και

ποιησαι μιαν γνωμην και δουναι την βασιλειαν αυτων τω θηριω αχρι τελεσθη

τα ρηματα του θεου

18 και η γυνη ην ειδες εστιν η πολις η μεγαλη η εχουσα βασιλειαν επι των

βασιλεων της γης

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