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1 Corinthians 11:1-16

Textus Receptus Greek:

1Co 11:1  μιμηται μου γινεσθε καθως καγω χριστου

1Co 11:2  επαινω δε υμας αδελφοι οτι παντα μου μεμνησθε και καθως παρεδωκα υμιν τας παραδοσεις κατεχετε 

1Co 11:3  θελω δε υμας ειδεναι οτι παντος ανδρος η κεφαλη ο χριστος εστιν κεφαλη δε γυναικος ο ανηρ κεφαλη δε χριστου ο θεος 

1Co 11:4  πας ανηρ προσευχομενος η προφητευων κατα κεφαλης εχων καταισχυνει την κεφαλην αυτου 

1Co 11:5  πασα δε γυνη προσευχομενη η προφητευουσα ακατακαλυπτω τη κεφαλη καταισχυνει την κεφαλην εαυτης εν γαρ εστιν και το αυτο τη εξυρημενη 

1Co 11:6  ει γαρ ου κατακαλυπτεται γυνη και κειρασθω ει δε αισχρον γυναικι το κειρασθαι η ξυρασθαι κατακαλυπτεσθω 

1Co 11:7  ανηρ μεν γαρ ουκ οφειλει κατακαλυπτεσθαι την κεφαλην εικων και δοξα θεου υπαρχων γυνη δε δοξα ανδρος εστιν 

1Co 11:8  ου γαρ εστιν ανηρ εκ γυναικος αλλα γυνη εξ ανδρος 

1Co 11:9  και γαρ ουκ εκτισθη ανηρ δια την γυναικα αλλα γυνη δια τον ανδρα 

1Co 11:10  δια τουτο οφειλει η γυνη εξουσιαν εχειν επι της κεφαλης δια τους αγγελους 

1Co 11:11  πλην ουτε ανηρ χωρις γυναικος ουτε γυνη χωρις ανδρος εν κυριω 

1Co 11:12  ωσπερ γαρ η γυνη εκ του ανδρος ουτως και ο ανηρ δια της γυναικος τα δε παντα εκ του θεου 

1Co 11:13  εν υμιν αυτοις κρινατε πρεπον εστιν γυναικα ακατακαλυπτον τω θεω προσευχεσθαι 

1Co 11:14  η ουδε αυτη η φυσις διδασκει υμας οτι ανηρ μεν εαν κομα ατιμια αυτω εστιν 

1Co 11:15  γυνη δε εαν κομα δοξα αυτη εστιν οτι η κομη αντι περιβολαιου δεδοται αυτη 

1Co 11:16  ει δε τις δοκει φιλονεικος ειναι ημεις τοιαυτην συνηθειαν ουκ εχομεν ουδε αι εκκλησιαι του θεο

Literal translation of the Greek:

1 Corinthians 11

1 Imitating me you become like me, anointed

2 but I thank you brothers that you all remember me and take(keep in memory) the precepts(commandments) as I give them

3 but I want you all to know that Messiah the Head of every man is also Head of the woman(wife) but the man's(husband's) head is anointed by God

4 each man(husband) pray or prophesy according to your head having shame(bow down your head implied)

5 also each woman(wife) pray or prophesy uncovering the head according to your head having shame(bow down your head implied) because her head in it(the covering implied) is shaved

6 also if a woman(wife) is not covered and shaved(hair cut short) also if the shorn(shaved) woman is ashamed than(or rather) cover the shaved(hair implied)

7 man(husband) certainly has no need for covering the head being the image and glory of God but the woman(wife) is the glory of the man(husband)

8 not because the man is from the woman but the woman is from the man

9 and not because the man was created through(from) the woman but the woman through(from) the man

10 through which the woman owes(is obliged) having(holding) authority(power) over(upon, on) the head through(by) the messengers

11 nevertheless neither man without woman nor woman without man in the Lord

12 because like the woman is from the man so likewise also the man(husband) is from the woman but they all are from God.

13 In you yourselves think(judge, distinguish), is it right(proper), the uncovered woman praying to God?

14 or is it not? Nature teaches you that indeed if a man has long hair it is his dishonour(disgrace)

15 also the woman whose long hair is her glory because the hair is in place of a veil(covering) given to her

16 and if someone thinks(supposes, be of opinion) to be contentious(fond of strife) we do not hold to this sort of custom nor the called out ones of God

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