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Church or Ekklesia?!

Churches are full of these! What, you wonder? Wolves in sheep's clothes! Those Yeshua warned us all of, especially in these last days we live in! People in churches generally miss them because they are out of God's will to begin with, not being led by His Holy Spirit but rather by men who organise religion which is controlled by the prince of this world who has deceived them into believing that church is of God. Because they're not led by His Holy Spirit they look for wolves instead and not for sheep that aren't quite right and are indeed wolves underneath their skins! They are deceived with twists of the scriptures like Matthew 7:1 where they supplanted the word condemn for judge so they can lie to people and say, see it says "judge not, lest you be judged" when in fact the Greek says, "condemn not, lest you be condemned"! I have people all over the place who hate me for telling them the truth from the original scriptures and to be honest it doesn't faze me at all as telling the truth is what God wants from all of us! The scriptures are very clear on such people and even mentions them in many places, here is one such set of verses in 2 Timothy 3(Literal translation from the Greek:

4 traitors, the reckless, the proud, lovers of pleasure(lusts) rather than lovers of God

5 having a from of godliness but its power they deny(or reject) and of them turn away

6 from these because they are these creeping into homes and taking(or leading) captive women that heap up sins, driven by various lusts)

I could point you to many more such scriptures but the fact is until people realise that Yeshua did not found the church but instead the Ekklesia(the called out ones of Israel) and that Israel has in fact inherited the entire world as promised by God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that such people(those mentioned in the scripture verses above) do not belong to the Ekklesia of God as it is written, not all Israel is Israel!(Romans 9:6) The only way for them is true repentance and obedience to God and His commandments!

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