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Finding translation errors, maybe you can find the agenda behind them! Seek Him for answers.

Last part of Job 1 verse 3 correctly translated:

ויהי האישׁ ההוא גדול מכל־בני־קדם

= and it is this man, he is great from all my sons that stand out(project, in front)

Yet most Bible versions("translations") say a version of this, "so that

this man was the greatest of all the men of the east." or this "so that

this man was the greatest of all the children of the east."

The word they translate as east is the Hebrew word (קדם) and this

word means to project, to stick out, the front part, before, forward

NOT east that is a complete manufacturing of a definition as

Mizrach(מזרח) means east and always has even in paleo Hebrew. This

was done to enable wrongful translation of the words used in the

book of Genesis where the word was often mentioned as it refers to a

specific location meaning usually before or in front of as for example

in Genesis 3:24 where it is described how God drove out Adam from

before the garden of Eden and placed Cheruvim with the sword to

turn and guard the way to the tree of life. There appears to be a

certain agenda at work here to show that something comes from the

east when the Bible clearly does not specify this. When it does

specify a direction it will always use the word (מזרח) to indicate east

such as in the book of Joshua 4 verse 19 for example where it is

mentioned that they were camped at Gilgal at the eastern border of


Bible mistranslations are not occurring by chance people, there's

always an agenda as they are all too much of a twist from the original

enough to deceive people into believing different scenarios in

prophecy fulfilments etc. Heed Yeshua's warnings therefore and do

NOT be deceived. Seek Him in all your questions, thirst for

knowledge etc as He is the only reliable source and it is by His Holy

Spirit that you will be revealed all the answers! Read John 14:26 and

John 16:13 and 1John 2:27 and then know that the only reason you

do not know things is because you have not asked or asked rightly!

Read James 4:2-3 for confirmation of that!

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