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The promise of God, the lie of the devil and how many will die!

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

If not by now you do not realise that God's Israel is the entire earth's population then read the scriptures which are translated literally from the Hebrew below!

Original Hebrew text:

Gen 15:5  ויוצא אתו החוצה ויאמר הבט־נא השׁמימה וספר הכוכבים אם־תוכל לספר אתם ויאמר לו כה יהיה זרעך׃ 

Gen 15:6  והאמן ביהוה ויחשׁבה לו צדקה׃ 

Gen 15:7  ויאמר אליו אני יהוה אשׁר הוצאתיך מאור כשׂדים לתת לך את־הארץ הזאת לרשׁתה׃

Literal translation:

Genesis 15

5 and He went out with him and said, see there the heavens and the count(number) of stars whether you can count(number) them and so will your seed(offspring) be

6 and he trusted(believed) YHVH and He regarded(thought) him as righteous

7 and He said to him, I AM YHVH Who brought you out of the light of demons(meaning of: me Ohr Casdim) to give to you the earth there to inherit

Original Hebrew text:

Gen 26:3  גור בארץ הזאת ואהיה עמך ואברכך כי־לך ולזרעך אתן את־כל־הארצת האל והקמתי את־השׁבעה אשׁר נשׁבעתי לאברהם אביך׃ 

Gen 26:4  והרביתי את־זרעך ככוכבי השׁמים ונתתי לזרעך את כל־הארצת האל והתברכו בזרעך כל גויי הארץ׃

Literal translation:

Genesis 26

3 stay in the earth there and I will be with you and bless you and to your seed(offspring) I will give the whole(all of the) earth of God and I have confirmed the oath which I have sworn to Avraham your father

4 and I will make your seed(offspring)great as the stars of heaven and I will give your seed(offspring) the whole(all of the) earth of God and bless all peoples of the earth through(with) your seed(offspring)

Original Hebrew text:

Gen 28:13  והנה יהוה נצב עליו ויאמר אני יהוה אלהי אברהם אביך ואלהי יצחק הארץ אשׁר אתה שׁכב עליה לך אתננה ולזרעך׃ 

Gen 28:14  והיה זרעך כעפר הארץ ופרצת ימה וקדמה וצפנה ונגבה ונברכו בך כל־משׁפחת האדמה ובזרעך׃ 

Gen 28:15  והנה אנכי עמך ושׁמרתיך בכל אשׁר־תלך והשׁבתיך אל־האדמה הזאת כי לא אעזבך עד אשׁר אם־עשׂיתי את אשׁר־דברתי לך׃ 

Literal translation:

Genesis 28

13 and see YHVH stood by it and said I AM YHVH, the God of Avraham your father and the God of Yitzchak, the earth upon which you recline(lie down) I will give to you and your seed(offspring)

14 and your seed will be as the dust of the earth and will spread(expand) from the sea(which was westward) and east and north and south and blessed in you are all the families of the lands and in your seed(offspring)

15 and see I AM with you and will keep you in all your walk(ways) and return you to this land because I will not forsake you until I do what I told you

Now that you know the facts read the following prophecy as uttered by the prophet Zecharyah! These words are currently being fulfilled! If you wish to be in the third that remains do NOT take the vaccine(the lie satan tells to make you die)!!!

Original Hebrew text:

Zec 13:8  והיה בכל־הארץ נאם־יהוה פי־שׁנים בה יכרתו יגועו והשׁלשׁית יותר


Zec 13:9  והבאתי את־השׁלשׁית באשׁ וצרפתים כצרף את־הכסף ובחנתים כבחן

את־הזהב הוא יקרא בשׁמי ואני אענה אתו אמרתי עמי הוא והוא יאמר יהוה אלהי׃

Literal translation:

Zecheriah 13

8 and it was in the whole(all of the) earth said YHVH, in two years

they will know they will die and a third will remain

9 and I will bring the third through the fire to refine them as refined

silver and I will examine them as gold is examined, they will call in

My Name and I will answer them, my people and they will say

YHVH my God

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