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The previous post showing Yeshua's sign in the stars.

On Nisan the first Yeshua was born in Bethlehem, Judea in fulfilment of prophecy according to every requirement of the law of God and according to every prophecy written regarding this greatest of events. In the scriptures the requirements to fulfil God's law regarding the passover show the requirements for the forgiveness of sins and for death to pass over onto life. You will find Yeshua kept all these to the letter of His law. He fulfilled each requirement as only He could, no man could ever keep the law! (Read Exodus 12 for the laws regarding the passover!) This then shows us the proof of when Yeshua was born to be able to fulfil His law He had to be born on the first day of the first month which is Nisan which He was indeed. The sign of His star was in the sky that very day which you could see in the preceding posts' picture. That day was the 11th of March 4 B.C. on the Gregorian calendar. That very day also happened to guessed it, Passover!

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