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The end is nigh? Is it? Yes, it is indeed, the end of man's dominion that is!

Updated: May 3, 2022

Many a Bible student has been speculating on when the timing is of the last days and most all have it wrong because they do not read the Word of God in the original languages. If you follow any of the translations(in any language other than that of the originals) you are being deceived, something Yeshua warned us all of during these last days we live in!(Matthew 24:4, Mark 13:5, Luke 21:8)

Take heed therefore and hear what I am telling you! It is not myself who speaks but it is God's Word, Yeshua. If these words are not to be found in the original languages I am not telling you the truth therefore check it out for yourselves and learn from the Holy Spirit yourselves. If you obtain your Biblical information through man(kind) you can call yourself a catholic or a christian or church goer but dare not call yourselves followers of Yeshua as only those who seek Him personally for their teaching belong to Him and will know His Truth.(John 14:26, John 16:13, 1John 2:27, 2Peter 1:20-21) If you trust me to give you the truth you break God's Word as He clearly states in Jeremiah 17:5 and that goes for any other member of mankind in the flesh! If you trust flesh you are a fool!

When I say only the original languages can be trusted, I mean what I say as the Holy Spirit has shown me many instances in the translations where His Word has been twisted and compromised something which does not happen with God's original Word. If you need examples of this visit this website that shows exactly that sort of evidence the Holy Spirit pointed out to me and made me translate it correctly. You can do so too using the same knowledge. Ask God in prayer to show you and He will! Again read John 14:26, John 16:13 and John 15:16. Before you go and accuse me of much more than you probably have at this stage of reading I am not saying all of the translations into non original languages is wrong and corrupt! No satan works far more subtle than that.

He will tell you 99% truth but than throws in 1% damnable lies. That is the deception that will get each and every one of you unless you have heeded Yeshua's warning regarding the deceptions in these last days in which we live. For if you have heeded His Word you will have prayed for Him to show the Truth in all things and for Him to teach you all things and show you the things to come just as He promises to those who heed His Word in John 16:13. I'm no different than anybody else and was deceived like anybody else until the great wonder of Revelation 12:1 occurred back on September the 23rd of 2017 and the lies regarding the pre-tribulation false teachings became obvious. Having to finally admit to God that I had been deceived by listening to man's teaching on His Word regarding the last days scriptures and repenting of this, I asked Him to finally teach me all

things and all truth including what was/ is to come. He answered that prayer in an instant and I could see His whole plan become clear before me because I had finally given up on man's false teaching on the matter! The wall I had built up to block that part of God's Word was torn down at that instant and I could see the whole of God's plan clearly. He first showed me all that was deception ingrained in the "christian" world. Church for starters is something Yeshua never created! Yeshua never began a new plan for a new people! He in fact continued what He had promised from the first to Israel, His chosen people! Now I know you are thinking of that little piece of dirt in the middle east but I can tell you now that is NOT Israel! In fact Yeshua never calls it Israel, not in the old nor in the new testaments! After the time of the judges and the first 3 kings Israel ceased to exist as a united people and never existed as a country! As a nation, yes, because the definition of nation is a group of people, not a bunch of dirt measured in square kilometres! Right from the beginning God had promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that they would inherit the EARTH(Ha'aretz in Hebrew means earth(as in the entire globe), not land as the pharisees and rabbis would have you believe). (Genesis 26:3-4 Actually READ it!) What did God promise to Israel through His prophets?? Many things right?! Yes, He did because they are His people and they have never ceased to be and most of His promises have already been fulfilled but some of the most major ones obviously still have to be fulfilled, those regarding the end times in which we now live. Israel is in fact the entire world's population except for literally a handful of goyim(who are still to come in, to Israel(the people, nation that is) but remember what the Word says, not all Israel is Israel! (Romans 9:6) and this is reminiscent of another scripture which says something similar but differently(Matthew7:21). I have heard many come out with excuses for the foreign language translations saying things like, "but God could surely keep His Word from being corrupted and His Word remains to this day"! Yes and His Word does remain until this day and will forever do so but only in the original form in which it came! Some will say but the KJV is taken from the original manuscripts and I will tell you right here, YOU ARE DECEIVED! You not only trust the word of man but you trust the translation written by the same people who founded Scottish rite freemasonry namely King James a known homosexual and the founder of Scottish rite freemasonry! That's whose translation you trust?! Yes by doing so you trust mankind and again break God's Word for what does God say on the matter in His Word?

1Thessalonians 5:21 παντα δοκιμαζετε το καλον κατεχετε which means, test(or examine closely, inspect, try) all(everything, the whole, any, whatsoever), keep(hold fast, possess, retain) the good(the worthy, the honest). ALL means ALL! It does not say, "but do not bother to test the translations of My Word". NO, it says ALL because in doing so and obeying God's Word you will NOT be so easily deceived as you clearly are or at least have been! Read it again people! Matthew 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no one deceive you. Yes and in the Greek it says much the same but the word(πλανηση) here translated as deceive also means cause you to stray from the truth or be seduced or roam from safety or err or be deluded and it means all these at the same time! The Lord was not just referring to the following sentence which is what most people assume and ignore the fact He was warning us of ALL deception particularly in the last days! STOP trusting people, people! STOP trusting in flesh! STOP trusting the deceptions, ALL deceptions of mankind and satan! The translations are deceptions at many parts of the scriptures and you can only KNOW the Truth if you actually personally KNOW HIM Who is the Truth! If you do not know the original which is Yeshua(He IS the Word of God) you will NOT know when you are being deceived! When this is the case you will follow all the deceptions such as, you will go to a church, a denomination, where man's programs are run and the Holy Spirit is quenched! You will read from poor translations ever learning but never getting to know the Truth(again Yeshua is the Truth)(2Timothy 3:7). You will stand in your own pride thinking you know it all but knowing nothing real, instead all you know is false because you have listened to and trusted people for your learning!

Still now you think you know it all and no one can tell you anything because you know it all! Let me give you a true translation of a scripture that describes your state of mind and that is the true meaning of heresy in this scripture in Galatians 5:20(Galatians 5:19 But the works of the flesh are apparent(easy to see) of which some are adultery, porn(fornication), uncleanness(physical, spiritual and moral), lusting, 20 idolatry, pharmacy(witchcraft), hatreds when you are jealous or angry, electioneering(putting oneself forward for political office), divisiveness, heresy(meaning of which is to prefer one's own opinion instead of God's Truth), 21 envies, murders, drunkennesses, revellings(riotings) and the like of which I forewarn you and I also told you before that those who practice such will not inherit the Kingdom of God.) The Greek word for heresy is αἵρεσις(pronounced airesis) and also means to choose differently than what is true and right something sadducees, pharisees and christians etc. had in common and still do! These are called sects because they do not conform to the Truth of God's original Word. These have all chosen to do their own thing and have manufactured for themselves religions, sets of man made rules to replace the Truth of God's Word and they reimagined gods for themselves in their own heads that agree to all their demands and tenets and always does exactly what they want somehow! There's a commandment in Exodus 20 regarding this abomination and it happens to be the second commandment! Imagining a god for yourself, one you have convincingly deceived yourself with is the god of the Bible which of course is not He, the True God of the Bible but it is rather a false god which they imagined for themselves, made an image of in their heads that is! Yes this too breaks God's first and second commandments as a result most often all other commandments are cast off by people who break these first two commandments! 100% of churches belong to this group as Yeshua did not create "the church"!

He created a new covenant sealed in His blood with a new priesthood in the order of Melchitzedek a royal priesthood which He called the Ekklesia which means the called out ones(called out of Israel). These new royal priests will rule with Yeshua the final and seventh millennium, the Shabbat, as He is the Lord of the Shabbat! He has given each of us His timeline for these events that are about to unfold and indeed have been unfolding for the last few decades! September 23rd 2017 saw the fulfilment of Revelation 12 verse 1, giving us the midway point of Daniel's 70th week, the beginning of which occurred on the Pesach of 2014 during the first blood moon. The man of sin, the son of perdition made an agreement(covenant) with the leaders of the world(behind the scenes unseen to the rest of the world) just as the original Hebrew in Daniel chapter 9 records in verse 27 where it says this in the original Hebrew text: (27 And he(the strong one) made a covenant with the leaders for one and a half week, after a week he shall put an end to the sacrifice and the offering and set on the cover the abomination that causes desolation and until all chosen are cut off for their sake.) This occurs on Pesach(Passover) 2021 which the world leaders call Agenda 21 all these proceedings are hidden to the public as they will be recognized from the Bible otherwise. The first beast is the EU which will become the World Union, one head is wounded is the UK pulling out in Brexit but this will not happen as it will appear to be healed and the UK will return to the EU. The leader who will facilitate this rejoining will be the second beast, the son of perdition. Some possible candidates of being that son of perdition are Trump and Putin as they appear to do "everything" "right" and both these men by the way are 33 degree freemasons fully inducted worshippers of lucifer whom they hold to be their god Apollyon(Abaddon in Hebrew meaning the destroyer). All world leaders by the way are 33 degree freemasons just in case you think other wise, who according to Yeshua is the prince of this world? That's right, satan is! He therefore does not allow any man to stand in his way, all politicians are in his pocket, he pulls all their strings. What he offered Yeshua after His 40 day fast he has offered to these men who "rule" the world and they were deceived and took what satan offered them. All you who believe politics is for christians as well are right and then know this christians do NOT belong to Yeshua as His Word is clear on the matter, read again verse 20 of Galatians 5 up above and take note of electioneering! Those who follow political parties, politicians, churches or any other man made institution does NOT belong to Yeshua! It is time for you to recount the cost and this time in Truth according to the original Word of God, Yeshua! You either leave all things worldly and follow Him or stay in the world, there are no grey areas with God, no fence to sit on! Yeshua returns on Yom Teruah 2024 the day nor hour we do not

know as Yom Teruah must come by observation of the moon's crescent first appearing. From Pesach 2021 it will be 1290 days(42 months, 3 and a half years) until His return and those who make it to the 1335 days are blessed(Daniel 12:12). The 1335th day ends on the 8th day of the feast of tabernacles which is known as Sh'mini Atzeret and is the completion of all things and the start to the new millennium with Yeshua the King of kings. On Pesach 2021 first however the son of perdition will first attempt to drown God's people in Judea by way of a flood but those who listen to Yeshua's warnings know to stay on their roofs and not go back but flee into the mountains, having failed to do so as God's chosen He cannot touch the son of perdition will turn his attention to the remnant who hold to the testimony of Yeshua yet have not chosen in life to obey Him before, the son of perdition will overcome them as they have no choice but to be made white through trial, the hour of temptation where the choice will be to either take the charagma(the etched mark of the beast) or to lose their heads for their testimony of Yeshua and be saved by choosing God's commandments over the ability to buy and sell. I say get ready now people and live in obedience to God's commandments and do as He says NOW, be prepared and join the overcomers in Yeshua, they who the son of perdition has no power over as they walk in faith in Yeshua. Last warning people, READ GOD'S WORD and read them in the original languages, E-Sword is free to download and you can download the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts with dictionaries to translate it, ask and you will receive, John 14:26, John 16:13, 1John 2:27 read it people, be saved!

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