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Shibbolet or Sibbolet, Truth or Lie? Which do you follow?

Ancient Hebrew contrary to the modern perversion of the Hebrew has very definite language rules that cannot be altered according to the truth of God's Word. In the book of Judges in chapter 12 verse 6 you will find a story of the Ephraimites wanting to cross the Jordan but being stopped from doing so and first having to prove they were who they said they were by saying a certain word namely shibbolet knowing the Ephraimites could not pronounce the sh sound but would say an s sound instead these men were caught out and killed. It would have been a sad time for a person with an oversize tongue! But my point here is that once again we can see how the scriptures were corrupted by vile men who decided to corrupt God's Word for their own evil purposes and brought about the corruption of the letter Shin(שׁ), they did this by placing the dots and dashes in the Hebrew language thereby breaking the law of God's Word, not to add nor remove from it!(Revelation 22:18-19) This the scripture in question(Jdg 12:6 ויאמרו לו אמר־נא שבלת ויאמר סבלת ולא יכין לדבר כן ויאחזו אותו וישחטוהו אל־מעברות הירדן ויפל בעת ההיא מאפרים ארבעים ושנים אלף׃), even here you'll notice they added a dot to the shin which in the ancient Hebrew does NOT exist. They did so to change the pronunciation of words as Hebrew is a phonetic language and thereby changing the whole meanings of words. As you can clearly see from this example the word they used for this is (שבלת)= shibbolet whereas the word pronounced sibbolet is (סבלת) as you can see the shin is no longer there now it has a samech which is the equivalent to our s. Why did they not use the shin with the dot on the left? Because in the Hebrew language such a thing did not exist. It is a pharisaic corruption of God's Word. The modern Hebrew language is part of satan's counterfeit to suit the antichrist when he comes it has enabled them to twist God's scriptures to suit his agenda but if you are taught by the Holy Spirit alone you cannot be deceived as such, as He tells us what He hears from Yeshua which is only ever the Truth as Yeshua is the Truth. So many are deceived by the false messianic judaism narrative, the so called pro-Israel movement among the "believers" that these people will swallow all the lies of the Pharisees all the corruptions to God's Word so much so they get just as violent and vile as those people when defending their erring ways.

If possible, are the words Yeshua gave to indicate that those who belong to Him and are led by His Holy Spirit in all things, will not easily be deceived, if they are, they are corrected by the Holy Spirit so in effect it is not possible in God's Will. For His Will is to keep His own and as He is a jealous God and He will fight for those He calls His own, His chosen. Those few that answered though many were called.

The majority of believers call themselves christians and the majority are very wrong about that statement, as most are not. Many were called but FEW were chosen. This is not a matter of salvation folks but it is a matter of election! Are you elected/ chosen to be a king and a priest in the order of Melchitzedek??

Do you belong to the Israel of God or the Israel of the antichrist. This has nothing to do with replacement theology as those who would call themselves Israel are not actually Israel! Do you believe God? Do you believe His Word(Yeshua)? Then you must know what God's Word says regarding Israel surely?! Just to be sure read again the promises made by God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Genesis 26:3-4 and Genesis 28 and see that God has already fulfilled these promises long ago. He gave the entire earth to be Israel’s.

Can you NOW recognise the false narrative of those who would call Judea, Israel?? If not, then consider yourself an enemy of God as you stand with the antichrist if you hold firm to the things which have deceived you.

Heed Yeshua’s warning! Mat 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.Mat 24:5For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

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