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Revelation chapter 6

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Literal translation of the Greek:

Revelation 6

1 and I saw which one of the seals the Lamb opened and I heard one of the four

beings say with a loud voice, come and see

2 and I looked and saw a white horse and he who sat upon it holding a bow and

he was given a crown and he went to conquer so as to defeat

3 and when He opened up the second seal I heard the second being say, come

and see

4 and another came forth, a red horse and one sat upon it who was given to take

away the peace from the earth so that they would kill each other and a great

sword was given to him

5 and when the third seal was opened I heard the third being say, come and see

and I looked and saw a black horse and one sat upon it holding a yoke(or

balancing scales) in his hand

6 and I heard a voice in the midst of the four beings say, a measure(choinix=a

little less than a litre) of wheat for a denarius and three measures of barley for a

denarius and do not harm the (olive-)oil and wine

7 and when He opened the fourth seal I heard the voice of the fourth being say,

come and see

8 and I looked and saw a (yellowish)pale horse and the one sitting upon it his

name is death and hades(she'ol, hell) and it follows with him and gives them the

ability(power) to kill over a fourth of the earth by the sword and by hunger and

by death and through the wild animals of the earth

9 and when He opened the fifth seal I saw under the altar the souls of those

killed for the witness of the Word of God which they held(or cling to)

10 and they cried with a great voice(or noise) saying, until when Holy and

truthful Lord will you not punish and avenge our blood of those who dwell

on earth

11 and they were each given white robes and they rejoiced so as to rest a little

while longer and until they will be completed(full in number or rendered

perfect) and their fellow servants and their brothers are about to be killed as

they were

12 and I looked when He opened the sixth seal and I saw a great earthquake

happen and the sun turn black as sackcloth hair and the moon become as blood

13 and the stars of the heaven fell onto the earth, the fig tree threw its unripe

figs under a great shaking wind

14 and heaven separated(tore up, departed) like how a scroll rolls up and all

mountains and islands were moved(away) from their places

15 and the kings of the earth and the great men and the rich and the chiefs of

thousands and the powerful and all bondservants and all free men hiding

themselves in the caves(caverns) and into the rocks of the mountains

16 and they said to the mountains and the rocks, fall on us and hide us from the

face of He Who sits on the Throne and from the wrath of the Lamb

17 because the great Day of His wrath has come and who is able to stand

Textus Receptus Greek:

Rev 6:1  και ειδον οτε ηνοιξεν το αρνιον μιαν εκ των σφραγιδων και ηκουσα

ενος εκ των τεσσαρων ζωων λεγοντος ως φωνης βροντης ερχου και βλεπε 

Rev 6:2  και ειδον και ιδου ιππος λευκος και ο καθημενος επ αυτω εχων τοξον

και εδοθη αυτω στεφανος και εξηλθεν νικων και ινα νικηση 

Rev 6:3  και οτε ηνοιξεν την δευτεραν σφραγιδα ηκουσα του δευτερου ζωου

λεγοντος ερχου και βλεπε 

Rev 6:4  και εξηλθεν αλλος ιππος πυρρος και τω καθημενω επ αυτω εδοθη

αυτω λαβειν την ειρηνην απο της γης και ινα αλληλους σφαξωσιν και εδοθη

αυτω μαχαιρα μεγαλη 

Rev 6:5  και οτε ηνοιξεν την τριτην σφραγιδα ηκουσα του τριτου ζωου

λεγοντος ερχου και βλεπε και ειδον και ιδου ιππος μελας και ο καθημενος επ

αυτω εχων ζυγον εν τη χειρι αυτου 

Rev 6:6  και ηκουσα φωνην εν μεσω των τεσσαρων ζωων λεγουσαν χοινιξ

σιτου δηναριου και τρεις χοινικες κριθης δηναριου και το ελαιον και τον

οινον μη αδικησης 

Rev 6:7  και οτε ηνοιξεν την σφραγιδα την τεταρτην ηκουσα φωνην του

τεταρτου ζωου λεγουσαν ερχου και βλεπε 

Rev 6:8  και ειδον και ιδου ιππος χλωρος και ο καθημενος επανω αυτου ονομα

αυτω ο θανατος και ο αδης ακολουθει μετ αυτου και εδοθη αυτοις εξουσια

αποκτειναι επι το τεταρτον της γης εν ρομφαια και εν λιμω και εν θανατω και

υπο των θηριων της γης 

Rev 6:9  και οτε ηνοιξεν την πεμπτην σφραγιδα ειδον υποκατω του

θυσιαστηριου τας ψυχας των εσφαγμενων δια τον λογον του θεου και δια την

μαρτυριαν ην ειχον 

Rev 6:10  και εκραζον φωνη μεγαλη λεγοντες εως ποτε ο δεσποτης ο αγιος και

ο αληθινος ου κρινεις και εκδικεις το αιμα ημων απο των κατοικουντων επι

της γης 

Rev 6:11  και εδοθησαν εκαστοις στολαι λευκαι και ερρεθη αυτοις ινα

αναπαυσωνται ετι χρονον μικρον εως ου πληρωσονται και οι συνδουλοι

αυτων και οι αδελφοι αυτων οι μελλοντες αποκτεινεσθαι ως και αυτοι 

Rev 6:12  και ειδον οτε ηνοιξεν την σφραγιδα την εκτην και ιδου σεισμος

μεγας εγενετο και ο ηλιος εγενετο μελας ως σακκος τριχινος και η σεληνη

εγενετο ως αιμα 

Rev 6:13  και οι αστερες του ουρανου επεσαν εις την γην ως συκη βαλλει τους

ολυνθους αυτης υπο μεγαλου ανεμου σειομενη 

Rev 6:14  και ουρανος απεχωρισθη ως βιβλιον ειλισσομενον και παν ορος και

νησος εκ των τοπων αυτων εκινηθησαν 

Rev 6:15  και οι βασιλεις της γης και οι μεγιστανες και οι πλουσιοι και οι

χιλιαρχοι και οι δυνατοι και πας δουλος και πας ελευθερος εκρυψαν εαυτους

εις τα σπηλαια και εις τας πετρας των ορεων 

Rev 6:16  και λεγουσιν τοις ορεσιν και ταις πετραις πεσετε εφ ημας και

κρυψατε ημας απο προσωπου του καθημενου επι του θρονου και απο της

οργης του αρνιου 

Rev 6:17  οτι ηλθεν η ημερα η μεγαλη της οργης αυτου και τις δυναται


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