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Revelation chapter 2

Updated: Jul 7

Literal translation of the Greek:

Revelation 2

1 to the messenger of the Ephesian Ekklesia write these things, says He Who holds the seven stars in His right hand and walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands

2 I see your works and your troubles and your patience and that you cannot bear evil and that you test those claiming to be sent by Me when they are not and finding them to be deceitful(false)

3 and you having endured patiently also because of My Name labouring and not tiring

4 but I have against you that you have sent away(lit. sent to go) your first love.

5 Remember therefore from where you have fallen and rethink(repent) and do the first works, but if you do not rethink(repent) I will come quickly and remove your lampstand from this place.

6 but you have hated the work of the Nicolaitans which I also hate.

7 The one who has ears to hear what the Spirit says are the Ekklesias, he who overcomes I will give to eat of the tree of life which is in the middle of God's paradise.

8 and to the messenger of the Ekklesia in Smurna write these, says the First and the Last Who was dead and is alive

9 I have seen your works and the pressure(distress, tribulation, trouble, persecution) and the poor who is rich and the blasphemers who say they are Jews and are not but are a synagogue(or congregation, gathered) of satan.

10 Fear not that which you are about to undergo, see what is about to be and cast it from you, the false accuser(slanderer, devil) is watching you, so that he may tempt(test, try) you and hold you for ten days of pressure(distress, tribulation, trouble, persecution) be faithful even until death and I will give you the crown of life.

11 The one who has ears to hear what the Spirit says are the Ekklesias, the overcomer will not be hurt by(or suffer) the second death.

12 And to the messenger in Pergamos' Ekklesia write these, says He Who holds the sharp double edged sword

13 I see your works and you live where satan's throne is and you hold My Name(meaning have My Authority) and have not spurned(lit. hated) My trust(faith) and in the days in which Antipas My faithful witness was put to death near you where satan dwells.

14 but I have against you that because you have there a few that retain the doctrine(teaching, instruction) of Balaam who taught with Balak to cast down a stumbling block(trap, snare, scandal) before the sons of Israel causing them to eat food sacrificed to idols and to practice idolatry(or fornication)

15 likewise you have and retain the doctrine of Nicolaos which I hate

16 but if you do not rethink(repent), I will come quickly and war with you with the sword of My mouth.

17 The one who has ears to hear what the Spirit says are the Ekklesias, he who overcomes I will give to eat of the secret manna and I will give them a white stone(this was given to vote in favour of something) and upon the stone a new name written that no one knows if not taken up.

18 and to the messenger in the Ekklesias of Thuateira write these, says the Son of God Whose eyes are as a lightning flash and His feet like brass.

19 I see your works and love and the service(ministering in obedience to God) and faith and your patience and your labour and the latter majority the first

20 but I have against you that because a few allow that woman Yizevel to speak her own prophecies teaching and deceiving My servants to practice idolatry(or fornication) by eating food offered unto idols

21 and I have given her time in order to rethink(repent) her(of the) idolatry(fornication) and she has not repented

22 see, I will cast her on a couch(figuratively sickbed) and those who committed adultery with her into great pressure(distress, tribulation, persecution, trouble) if they do not rethink(repent) from their works(ways)

23 and her children(or spiritual offspring) I will relinquish(give over) to death and all you Ekklesia will know(or learn) that I AM the searcher(or investigator) of the kidneys(figuratively the mind, the inmost part) and the heart and give you each according to your works

24 but to you who remain of Thuateira I say, those who do not have this doctrine and to those who did not know the depths of the accuser(satan) as they say, I will not place on you another weight(burden)

25 except to keep what you have until I come(arrive)

26 and the overcomer and the guard(keeper) until the end will do My work and I give them the authority over the tribes(nations, gentiles)

27 and He will rule them with an iron staff as the earthen(ceramic) vessels(pots) which are broken and I also speak as My Father before Me

28 and I will give the morning star.

29 The one who has ears to hear what the Spirit says, are the Ekklesias

Textus Receptus Greek:

Rev 2:1  τω αγγελω της εφεσινης εκκλησιας γραψον ταδε λεγει ο κρατων τους επτα αστερας εν τη δεξια αυτου ο περιπατων εν μεσω των επτα λυχνιων των χρυσων 

Rev 2:2  οιδα τα εργα σου και τον κοπον σου και την υπομονην σου και οτι ου δυνη βαστασαι κακους και επειρασω τους φασκοντας ειναι αποστολους και ουκ εισιν και ευρες αυτους ψευδεις 

Rev 2:3  και εβαστασας και υπομονην εχεις και δια το ονομα μου κεκοπιακας και ου κεκμηκας 

Rev 2:4  αλλ εχω κατα σου οτι την αγαπην σου την πρωτην αφηκας 

Rev 2:5  μνημονευε ουν ποθεν εκπεπτωκας και μετανοησον και τα πρωτα εργα ποιησον ει δε μη ερχομαι σοι ταχυ και κινησω την λυχνιαν σου εκ του τοπου αυτης εαν μη μετανοησης 

Rev 2:6  αλλα τουτο εχεις οτι μισεις τα εργα των νικολαιτων α καγω μισω 

Rev 2:7  ο εχων ους ακουσατω τι το πνευμα λεγει ταις εκκλησιαις τω νικωντι δωσω αυτω φαγειν εκ του ξυλου της ζωης ο εστιν εν μεσω του παραδεισου του θεου 

Rev 2:8  και τω αγγελω της εκκλησιας σμυρναιων γραψον ταδε λεγει ο πρωτος και ο εσχατος ος εγενετο νεκρος και εζησεν 

Rev 2:9  οιδα σου τα εργα και την θλιψιν και την πτωχειαν πλουσιος δε ει και την βλασφημιαν των λεγοντων ιουδαιους ειναι εαυτους και ουκ εισιν αλλα συναγωγη του σατανα 

Rev 2:10  μηδεν φοβου α μελλεις πασχειν ιδου μελλει βαλειν εξ υμων ο διαβολος εις φυλακην ινα πειρασθητε και εξετε θλιψιν ημερων δεκα γινου πιστος αχρι θανατου και δωσω σοι τον στεφανον της ζωης 

Rev 2:11  ο εχων ους ακουσατω τι το πνευμα λεγει ταις εκκλησιαις ο νικων ου μη αδικηθη εκ του θανατου του δευτερου 

Rev 2:12  και τω αγγελω της εν περγαμω εκκλησιας γραψον ταδε λεγει ο εχων την ρομφαιαν την διστομον την οξειαν 

Rev 2:13  οιδα τα εργα σου και που κατοικεις οπου ο θρονος του σατανα και κρατεις το ονομα μου και ουκ ηρνησω την πιστιν μου και εν ταις ημεραις εν αις αντιπας ο μαρτυς μου ο πιστος ος απεκτανθη παρ υμιν οπου κατοικει ο σατανας 

Rev 2:14  αλλ εχω κατα σου ολιγα οτι εχεις εκει κρατουντας την διδαχην βαλααμ ος εδιδασκεν τον βαλακ βαλειν σκανδαλον ενωπιον των υιων ισραηλ φαγειν ειδωλοθυτα και πορνευσαι 

Rev 2:15  ουτως εχεις και συ κρατουντας την διδαχην των νικολαιτων ο μισω 

Rev 2:16  μετανοησον ει δε μη ερχομαι σοι ταχυ και πολεμησω μετ αυτων εν τη ρομφαια του στοματος μου 

Rev 2:17  ο εχων ους ακουσατω τι το πνευμα λεγει ταις εκκλησιαις τω νικωντι δωσω αυτω φαγειν απο του μαννα του κεκρυμμενου και δωσω αυτω ψηφον λευκην και επι την ψηφον ονομα καινον γεγραμμενον ο ουδεις εγνω ει μη ο λαμβανων 

Rev 2:18  και τω αγγελω της εν θυατειροις εκκλησιας γραψον ταδε λεγει ο υιος του θεου ο εχων τους οφθαλμους αυτου ως φλογα πυρος και οι ποδες αυτου ομοιοι χαλκολιβανω 

Rev 2:19  οιδα σου τα εργα και την αγαπην και την διακονιαν και την πιστιν και την υπομονην σου και τα εργα σου και τα εσχατα πλειονα των πρωτων 

Rev 2:20  αλλ εχω κατα σου ολιγα οτι εας την γυναικα ιεζαβηλ την λεγουσαν εαυτην προφητιν διδασκειν και πλανασθαι εμους δουλους πορνευσαι και ειδωλοθυτα φαγειν 

Rev 2:21  και εδωκα αυτη χρονον ινα μετανοηση εκ της πορνειας αυτης και ου μετενοησεν 

Rev 2:22  ιδου εγω βαλλω αυτην εις κλινην και τους μοιχευοντας μετ αυτης εις θλιψιν μεγαλην εαν μη μετανοησωσιν εκ των εργων αυτων 

Rev 2:23  και τα τεκνα αυτης αποκτενω εν θανατω και γνωσονται πασαι αι εκκλησιαι οτι εγω ειμι ο ερευνων νεφρους και καρδιας και δωσω υμιν εκαστω κατα τα εργα υμων 

Rev 2:24  υμιν δε λεγω και λοιποις τοις εν θυατειροις οσοι ουκ εχουσιν την διδαχην ταυτην και οιτινες ουκ εγνωσαν τα βαθη του σατανα ως λεγουσιν ου βαλω εφ υμας αλλο βαρος 

Rev 2:25  πλην ο εχετε κρατησατε αχρις ου αν ηξω 

Rev 2:26  και ο νικων και ο τηρων αχρι τελους τα εργα μου δωσω αυτω εξουσιαν επι των εθνων 

Rev 2:27  και ποιμανει αυτους εν ραβδω σιδηρα ως τα σκευη τα κεραμικα συντριβεται ως καγω ειληφα παρα του πατρος μου 

Rev 2:28  και δωσω αυτω τον αστερα τον πρωινον 

Rev 2:29  ο εχων ους ακουσατω τι το πνευμα λεγει ταις εκκλησιαις 

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