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Leviathan Nachash(the dragon sea serpent)

Isa 27:1  ביום ההוא יפקד יהוה בחרבו הקשׁה והגדולה והחזקה על לויתן נחשׁ ברח ועל לויתן נחשׁ עקלתון והרג את־התנין אשׁר בים׃

Literal translation of the Hebrew:

Yeshayahu 27

1 in that day YHVH will appoint His heavy and great and mighty sword against the fleeing leviathan nachash(the dragon sea serpent) and

against the crooked monster leviathan nachash(the dragon sea serpent) and He killed the monster in the sea

Leviathan Nachash was not only the creature God cursed in the garden of Eden but is thus also symbolic of satan who inhabited the fierce creature and the very same creature is the object of Buddhist worship and idolatry, all forms of the idolatry worship the dragon(satan) in his original guise. As the Asian populace have mainly descended from the tribes of Levi and Shime'on those brother's cruel natures were also inherited by their descendants. The best known Levite for example after Moshe and Aharon being Genghis Khan(Khan being Cohen or Cohanim = a levite priest)was known for his cruelty against his enemies even though most of the time his reputation preceded him preventing battles having to be fought. He was also a great reformer and brought order where previously chaos ruled showing off another levite characteristic. Alas as a tribe of Israel they too were and are still steeped in idolatry. Those two tribes were well blended over the

millennia. Most Levites are to be found among the Japanese, Korean, Mongolian and Northern Chinese populations whereas the Shimonites are the rest of South East Asia and some of the Pacific islands. In their cultures the dragon was and still is worshipped as a false god and countless statues exist all over Asia. I'm sure you've all seen them. Their culture includes such rituals as the dragon(satan) chasing a globe(the earth) and is satan's delusion thinking he will defeat the Almighty God which is impossible of course! Interestingly however is what happened to the creature! It was nearly hunted into extinction just as God foretold in His Word in the above verse in Isaiah 27:1, Almost all the large ones of these creatures are now extinct. There have still been sightings of large ones in years gone by but are getting less and less frequent. There are still small ones of these creatures but they are rare now as they are eaten by the local population.

You can read the description of these creatures in the book of Job, the entire chapter 41 is dedicated by God to describing this fierce creature of His although this version is the leviathan uncursed as he still has the use of his legs which the leviathan nachash lost the

use of in the garden of Eden as a result of God's curse. When we look at the make up of the name in Hebrew we find leviathan is made up of two words the first being levi which means my heart and Thanin or Than for short which means monster or huge creature called a drakon in Greek which is where we get our word dragon from. Now how the my heart monster(leviathan) got the name I can only guess at, the shape of its scales being heart shaped would be my best guess as God describes those scales as being tightly knit to its body so that not even air can get under them and they are its pride. Now for a live version of the leviathan nachash you can go to the Biblical proof page on my site under more categories, the video was taken by a local in China.

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