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Corrected translation of Tzefanya(Zephaniah) chapter 1

Tzefanya 1 1 The Word of YHVH which was upon Tzefanya son of Cushi son of Gedalya son of Amarya son of Chizkya in the days of Yashiyahu son of Amon King of Yehudah. 2 Gather, gather(or harvest, harvest) all from upon the surface of the ground declares YHVH 3 Gather(or harvest) man and animal, gather the birds of the skies(heavens) and My fish of the sea and from the failures(as in failed crop, not matured) of the wicked and My cut off ones of man from upon the surface of the ground declares YHVH 4 and I shall put(literally give) My hand upon Yehudah and upon all those that dwell in Yerushalem and My cut off ones from the arisen ones there with the remnant of the ba'al(followers implied) there, the officials(representatives) with the priests. 5 and of the prostrators on the roofs to the army(host) of the heavens(those who worship angelic beings implied) and of the prostrators who swear to YHVH and those who swear by their king 6 and of those who turn away from following YHVH and who did not seek YHVH and did not ask(question, seek, inquire) 7 Silence from the face(or presence) of my Lord YHVH as the Day of YHVH is near(shortly) because YHVH has set up a pure sacrifice and proclaimed it 8 and it happened on the Day of YHVH's sacrifice and I tended to the chiefs and to the sons of the king and to all those clothed in strange(foreign) clothing 9 and I tended to all who leapt over the threshold that day filling the house of their lord with violence and deceit 10 and it happened that day YHVH declared in a loud cry from the gate of the fishes, a howl(or yell, shout) from the repeat(echo implied) and a large rift(tear as caused by an earthquake) from the hills 11 the howl(or yell, shout) dwelt in the Maktesh(deep hollow/ valley in Jerusalem) that brought to silence all the people of Kenan(Canaan) cutting off(or down) all those carrying silver(money) 12 and it happened then Yerushalem was delivered in light and I tended over the people, the frozen watchmen(observers) they that say in their hearts YHVH will do neither good nor evil 13 and it happened a troop(force literally) plundered and devastated their houses and built houses and did not dwell(remain) and planted vineyards and not drink their wine 14 the great Day of YHVH is near, near and a very sudden cry(shout), the Day of YHVH, the mighty, bitterly cried there 15 a day of crossing over, that day, a day of distress and anguish, a day of destruction and ruin, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of cloud and fog 16 day of the trumpet and rejoicing(joy, jubilee, Yom Teruah=the Day of YHVH)over the cities, those in trouble upon the towers of haughtiness 17 and I was distressed for man(kind) and walked like the blind who sinned against YHVH and poured out blood like dust and flesh like dung 18 also their silver also their gold cannot deliver them that day, passing(under implied) YHVH's zeal(jealousy) and in fire consuming the whole earth because the bride surely is crowned(literally made a crown but crowned with glory implied) all remaining(dwelling, by implication to be married) of the earth

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