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A place name in Israel named after a dream of a man(Chalamish) would translate how?

Well according to the KJV and many other faulty translations you will read it as this below in the Hebrew and then the actual correct translation and then what the KJV and every other translation has! Where, oh where do they pull these definitions out of?!

Original Hebrew text:

Job 28:9 בחלמישׁ שׁלח ידו הפך משׁרשׁ הרים

Job 28:10 בצורות יארים בקע וכל־יקר ראתה עינו

Literal translation:

Job 28

9 In Chalamish His hand went out to overturn, uprooting the mountains

10 in the cliffs of the Ye'arim rift and his eye saw all precious things


Job 28:9  He putteth forth his hand upon the rock; he overturneth the mountains

by the roots.

Job 28:10  He cutteth out rivers among the rocks; and his eye seeth every

precious thing.

Now where can you see the word for rock in Hebrew in the above Hebrew verses?? As you could see from last night's post the word for rock is very different indeed! Chalamish is in the Negev desert in Israel at these coordinates: Latitude: 30.272859N  Longitude: 34.800327E where you will find archaeological evidence to its existence( The name is made up of two Hebrew words with simple meanings even a basic student of Hebrew could translate! Chalam = which means dream and Ish = which means man and no it is not translated as flint or rock as the Strong's concordance or the Brown-Driver-Briggs concordance and every foreign language translation would have you believe. As for the cliffs at the Ye'arim rift, this is where today the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem runs along its rift valley where you also find Kiryat Ye'arim where we read in the Bible the Philistines kept the Ark of the covenant for 20 years! Today as well as in the past it was a hotbed of idolatry and iniquity as it is today because the descendants of the pharisees have populated this town, the ultra orthodox false Jews with their idolatrous talmudism and satan worship. The Ye'arim rift was so called in Job's day because Kiryat Ye'arim did not exist yet for a long time, Job lived about 400 years after the great flood not long after the rift had formed. There is so much more and it will take time to undo 505 years worth of damage done to God's Word by Erasmus and every subsequent translator after him that did so with an evil agenda to hide the truth of Yeshua for those held captive by the evil doctrines of talmudism and catholic and christian churches!

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