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There is only ONE!

Welcome to the blog page of מאבריק בן זבולונ Mavrik ben Zevulun! Be prepared to be shocked and confronted with Truth which to many appears to be accusation of wrongdoing but is in effect speaking to your conscience! This is because Yeshua is the Truth(John 14:6) and it is He who is speaking to your hearts and minds. It is His Holy Spirit Who brings us correction and reproof by His Word(2Timothy 3:16) as Yeshua is also the Word(John 1:1). If then you are not open to His reproof and correction(Proverbs 15:10) then do not proceed onto this blog page as it will only contain that which you don't want to know, the Truth! 

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Leviathan Nachash(the dragon sea serpent)

Isa 27:1  ביום ההוא יפקד יהוה בחרבו הקשׁה והגדולה והחזקה על לויתן נחשׁ ברח ועל לויתן נחשׁ עקלתון והרג את־התנין אשׁר בים׃ Literal...

Tito(Titus) 3

Literal translation of the Greek text: Tito 3 1 Remind them of the original ways of authority and to be subordinate and obedient that for...

Tito(Titus) 2

Literal translation from the Greek: Tito 2 1 But you, speak that which stands out, the uncorrupted doctrine. 2 Male elders who are sober,...

Tito(Titus) 1

Literal translation from the Greek: Tito 1 1 Paul, bondservant of God, messenger of Yeshua the Messiah according to the faith of the...

Goliath now!

Revelation chapter 17

Literal translation of the Greek: Revelation 17 1 and one of the seven messengers holding the seven bottles, came and he spoke to me and...

Revelation chapter 16

Literal translation of the Greek: Revelation 16 1 and I heard a great voice from the temple say to the seven messengers, go down and pour...

Revelation chapter 15

Literal translation of the Greek: Revelation 15 1 and I saw another wonder(sign) in the heaven seven great and wonderful(marvellous)...

Revelation chapter 14

Literal translation of the Greek: Revelation 14 1 and I looked and saw the Lamb standing upon the hill Tzion and with Him one hundred and...

Revelation chapter 13

Literal translation from the Greek: Revelation 13 1 and I stood on the sand(beach) of the sea and I saw from the sea a beast rising ...

Revelation chapter 12

Literal translation of the Greek: Revelations 12 1 and a great sign was seen in the heaven(or sky), a woman clothed(or arrayed or...

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